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Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan in Islam

Emma Keys

Muslim medical experts claim that the practise provides a wide range of physical, spiritual, psychological, and scientific advantages.

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“Worship Allah, and worship none along with Him, offer the (five) prescribed compulsory prayers perfectly, pay the compulsory Zakat, and fast the month of Ramadan”.

Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting:


1. Defense against chronic illnesses and obesity 2. Improving blood sugar levels  3. Enhanced digestive system

Spiritual benefits of fasting in Ramadan


1. Grows Taqwa 2. Brings in bigger rewards 3. Avoids Hellfire and leads to heaven

Scientific benefits of Ramadan fasting


1. Relieves stress 2. Reduces cancer risk 3. Improves Alzheimer

Psychological Benefits Of Ramadan Fasting


1. Strengthens the will 2. Makes you more alert 3. Improves mood