Leadership Lessons from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Numerous traits contributed to Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) success as a leader, and Muslims can still learn Leadership Lessons from Prophet Muhammad example of leadership.

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“And We turned them into figures of authority to lead people in accordance with Our commands. We also encouraged them to carry out good deeds, establish prayers, and pay zakat. They only worshipped Us. (Quran 21:73).

Leadership Lessons from Prophet Muhammad:

01 Be Merciful

02 Be Caring for the Poor

03 Be Just

04 Be Trustworthy

05 Recognize the value of time

06 Participate in decision-making with the People

Be Merciful


Prophet (PBUH) truly embodied mercy and peace. He never held a grudge against anyone who had offended him and always forgave them.

Be Caring for the Poor


He urged his Ummah to look after the needy and the impoverished, to treat orphans fairly, and to save for you (as a leader) only what is required for survival.

Be Just


A leader should also be fair and not discriminate against anyone based on their gender, colour, or class.

Be Trustworthy


Everyone knew that the Holy Prophet, also known by the names Sadiq and Ameen, could be completely trusted.

Recognises the Value of Time


A good leader also responds to the needs and situations of those he is in charge of.

Participates in decision-making with the People


The Prophet (PBUH) respected his followers and heeded their advice.

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