Danny Lambo Accepts Islam

Recently, Danny Lambo conversion to Islam surprised everyone. Danny Lambo announced his embrace of Islam on his official Instagram page. The news came after his business meetings in Saudi Arabia, where he met Abdul Bassit, a Muslim man who played a pivotal role in inspiring Danny towards Islam.

He performed Umrah

Following his conversion to Islam, Danny wasted no time and embarked on a pilgrimage to Mecca, performing his first Umrah. The emotional journey and the significance of the Kaaba left a profound impact on him.



Danny Lambo's Background

Born into a modest family with two teachers as parents, Danny Lambo experienced a middle-class upbringing. 

Daniel Lambo's Background

Despite leaving school at 16 without formal qualifications, he pursued his passion for singing, which eventually led to a successful career.

Danny Lambo's Background

Danny's journey to success continued as he, along with his friends, toured the Far East for four years. Post-music career, he didn't let setbacks slow him down.

Success as Hotelier

Using his funds wisely, he ventured into the hotel business, becoming a millionaire by the age of 22. What sets Danny apart is not just his financial success.



 He actively engages in charitable activities, giving back to hospitals and organizations. One notable event was a charity car wash in support of the Harrison 16 Fund for children with cancer at Piccadilly Circus in London.



Danny Lambo's family

Beyond his public persona, Danny also has a family. He has a son from his previous marriage who resides with his mother in Moscow. Despite his success, Danny remains connected to his roots.

Danny Lambo's Conversion to Islam

After embracing Islam, Danny discovered a new purpose in life. He expresses gratitude for his experiences in Saudi Arabia and hopes to use his platform to share the true essence of Islam