British Multi-Millionaire Danny Lambo Accepts Islam

British Multi-Millionaire Danny Lambo Accepts Islam

British multimillionaire Danny Lambo embraced Islam recently and made headlines. The announcement of this significant change was shared on his official Instagram page, leaving fans in shock.

When did Danny Lambo Accept Islam?

This transformation occurred following his business meetings in Saudi Arabia, where an encounter with a Muslim man named Abdul Baset inspired him to adopt the Islamic faith. Expressing gratitude to Abdul Basit, Danny promptly embraced Islam and undertook a pilgrimage to Mecca for his first Umrah. This spiritual journey has led him to enter London as a Muslim, marking a profound shift in his life. In a heartfelt video, he shared the emotional impact of his visit to Mecca.

Danny Lambo and Abdul Basit
Danny Lambo and Abdul Basit

Danny Lambo’s Background

Originally known as Danny Karne, he changed his name to Danny Lambo due to his admiration for Italian Lamborghini supercars. With a current net worth of nearly £50 million, Danny’s wealth stems from a successful venture in the hotel business in London.

Born into a modest background as the son of two teachers, Danny experienced a middle-class upbringing with one brother and two sisters. Despite his parents’ aspirations for a well-rounded education, Danny left school at the age of 16 without formal qualifications. This decision was met with criticism from his headmaster, who labeled him a failure. Undeterred, Danny pursued his dream of becoming a singer, and his talent was recognized in a London bar, paving the way for a lucrative career.

The Hotel Business

Accompanied by friends, Danny embarked on a four-year tour of the Far East, attending various events in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Upon the disbanding of his music group, Danny, undeterred, continued with his ventures. Using his funds, he purchased a 30-room BNB in Paddington, transforming it into the renowned Pavilion Hotel with the help of his interior-design-savvy sister. The hotel gained popularity among Hollywood stars, earning the nickname “The Pavilion: Fashioned Rock and Roll Hotel.”

Audition in X Factor 2017

Danny’s success continued as he acquired more hotels and invested in buildings, achieving millionaire status by the age of 22. Despite an unsuccessful audition on The X Factor in 2017, Danny’s journey includes fatherhood, with his son residing in Moscow with his ex-wife.

Notably, Danny allocates his wealth to charitable causes, including hospitals and NGOs. He organized a charity car wash at Piccadilly Circus in London in support of the Harrison16Fund for children with cancer.

Danny Lambo’s Life after reverting to Islam

danny lambo visits kaaba after converting to Islam
Danny Lambo visits Kaaba

Following his conversion to Islam, Danny Lambo found a renewed purpose in life. Grateful for his experiences in Saudi Arabia and his emotional connection to the Kaaba, he hopes this newfound path will bring positive changes. Ultimately, he seeks to understand that Islam is about humility, submission to the creator, and aiding others rather than flaunting wealth on social media.

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