Australian Priest Gould David accepts Islam

Australian Priest David Gould accepts Islam

Australian Priest Gould David accepts Islam: In a surprising turn of events, after serving the Church for 45 years, well-known Australian priest Gould David who is living in Tasmania now, recently made news by declaring he has converted to Islam. adopting the Muslim name Abdul Rahman as his new one.

Famous scholar Dr. Muhammad Salah of Huda TV posted on his Facebook page the news of Australian priest Gould David’s conversion to Islam. In the Facebook post, Dr Muhammad Salah also revealed that Gould David, an Orthodox Christian Priest, had changed his name to Abdur Rahman.

“After serving 45 years in Church as a respected Australian priest, Gould David has announced his conversion to Islam and changed his name to Abdul Rahman”, Dr. Muhammad Salah wrote on his Facebook page.

Gould David has also set up a new Facebook page, “Dave Abdur Rahman Gould,” as his profile name.

Dave Abdur Rahman Gould chose a picture of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) as his cover image on his new Facebook page.

“A lifetime seeking the peace of God and Quran has shown me that peace & truth rest in Allah (sic)”, is written in his Intro.

Religious communities have been captivated by the news of Gould David accepting Islam and have had lengthy debates about it because they want to know what drove him to make this decision.

Gould David’s Background

As a priest, Gould David had gained respect from the Christian community of Australia. He served the Church diligently for 45 years, winning respect for his unwavering adherence to the religion. A lot of young Christians held him in high regard.

Gould David Converts to Islam

Many were taken by surprise to learn about Gould Davids’s conversion to Islam. Abdul Rahman, which translates to “Servant of the Merciful,” is the new Muslim name he took on.

Although the precise reasons for Gould David’s decision are still a little unknown at the time of this report, he has fully embraced the teachings of Islam.

People are interested in learning more about the faith and are wondering as to why he made that choice. While some are thrilled with his decision and have expressed support, others are concerned about how his conversion may impact the community.

Islam places great importance on the Quran because it is seen as Allah’s word. For Muslims around the world, it is a source of inspiration and guidance towards the path of righteousness.

In Quran, Surah Al Ma’idah (5:3) it is mentioned,

This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.

(Quran 5:3)

According to Quran surah 8:38, whoever turns from his sins and repents and becomes a Muslim shall have all of his previous transgressions erased while being a non-Muslim.

Tell the disbelievers that if they desist, their past will be forgiven. But if they persist, then they have an example in those destroyed before them.

(Quran 8:38)

We welcome Gould David to the religion of Islam, the way of life. May Allah’s abundant blessings, wisdom, and peace envelop you on your journey.

We are happy to offer our sincere greetings as he becomes a member of the Muslim community since his decision to embrace Islam signifies a new chapter in his life.

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