Events that occurred in the Month of Muharram regarding Karbala

2nd Day of Muharram:   Hazrat Hussain Ibn Ali (R.A.) arrived at Karbala and set up camp. Around him were the soldiers of Yazid.

7th Day of Muharram: Hazrat Hussain Ibn Ali (R.A) was denied access to water under Yazid’s directive.

8th Day of Muharram: Zain Ul Abideen (R.A.), the only survivor of the Battle of Karbala, was martyred. He was the son of Hussain Ibn Ali (R.A).

9th Day of Muharram This evening is significant because the next day, 10th Muharram, marks the martyrdom of Hussain Ibn Ali (RA) and Abbas Ibn Ali (RA), as well as his family, leaving Zain Ul Abideen (RA) as the lone male survivor of the Karbala battle.