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Story of Prophet Nuh (A.S.) is mentioned in the seventy-first chapter (surah) of the Quran with 28 verses (ayat). Islam regards Noah, also referred to as Nuh (A.S.), as a prophet and God’s messenger. He is one of the Ulu’l azm prophets. Nuh’s (A.S.) mission was to caution his people about the dangers of idolatry. Lets read about the great story of Prophet Nuh (A.S.) in detail.

Story of Prophet Nuh (A.S.) begins after the passing of Prophet Idris (PBUH). The Muslims were left abandoned following the passing of Prophet Idris (PBUH). Since no one else from among them was picked as a Prophet, individuals started to focus on the devout partners of Idris for direction. They regarded and followed these exemplary men and counseled them each time they were confronted with an issue. In the long run, as time elapsed by, the devout men likewise died leaving the Muslims again with no pioneer for direction. They dreaded and were stressed that they would wander from the way of Allah.

Satan who watched on with savvy eyes, moved toward the moaning people, masked as a man, and murmured into their ears: “Assuming we make sculptures of these equitable men, it will be more satisfying to us in our worship and will help us to remember them.” The men concurred as they saw no mischief in raising sculptures of their most devout men, that would clearly assist them with recalling Allah and urge them to accomplish something good.

Satan had effectively sowed his bad seed. He showed restraint for he realized that getting man to worship another was a sluggish procedure. At the point when that age had passed and the new age of individuals had failed to remember the goal behind the raising of sculptures, Satan murmured into the ears of the men: “Your progenitors used to worship these icons. These sculptures brought them goodness.”

In this way, excessive idolatry flourished in the hearts of man.

Hundreds of years passed, and Allah chose to send a Prophet to direct the idolaters back to reality. The prophet picked for this consecrated task was Nuh (A.S) (Noah). Allah favored his dedicated messenger with expressive speech and great tolerance so he might complete his obligation with success. So Prophet Nuh (A.S) started to teach his kin about the secrets of the huge universe — he informed them about the evening and the day, the stars and the moon, the plants and creatures, and the sky and the earth. He clarified for them that man was made by Allah to extol and worship Him. Nuh (A.S) then informed them concerning the unity of Allah — that the secrets of the world were just evidence of the presence of one genuine God and that is, in all honesty, Allah the Highest. He clarified for them that Satan had misdirected them into worshiping idols and cautioned them of a horrendous punishment from Allah if they kept going on with their idolatry.

The People of Prophet Nuh (A.S) paid attention to him with incredible disarray and persistence. The most hopeless and frantic among Nuh’s kin started to track down trust and comfort in the Prophet’s words and continuously went into the overlay of Islam, while the prosperous watched on with rage. They shared with Nuh (A.S): “We see you like a man such as ourselves”. Prophet Nuh (A.S) made sense to them that he was unquestionably a person and Allah had explicitly picked a human messenger as the earth was overwhelmingly involved by people all things considered. and assuming the earth was occupied by angels, Allah would have definitely sent an angelic messenger to pass on his message.

At some point, the well-off masters of the city moved toward Prophet Nuh (A.S) and shared with him: “Listen Nuh, if you want us to believe in you, then dismiss your believers. They are meek and poor, while we are rich and high class; no faith can include us both.” Nuh (A.S) was very much aware of the obliviousness of the affluent men. He realize that he needed to try to avoid panicking to make sense of for them that materialistic belongings were useless in seeing Allah and it is inside one’s heart that truly made a difference to Him. Prophet Nuh (A.S) answered to them: “O my kin! I request no wealth for it, my award is from none but Allah. I won’t drive away the people who have accepted. Unquestionably, they will meet their Lord, yet I see that you are uninformed individuals. O my kin! Who will help me against Allah, assuming I drove them away? Will you not then give a thought? Also, I don’t tell you that with me are the Treasures of Allah nor that I know the concealed, nor do I say that I am an angelic messenger, and I don’t say of those whom your eyes peer downward on that Allah won’t present any good to them. Allah realizes what is in their internal identities. In that case, I ought to, for sure be one of the miscreants.”

The heathens were angry. They had endured Nuh’s unremitting teaching and arguments for a really long time. They challenged Nuh (A.S): “O Nuh! You have argued with us and have drawn out the debate with us, now bring upon us what you threaten us with, in the event that you are of the honest.” Nuh (A.S) answered: “Only Allah will bring the punishment on you, in the event that He wills, and you can not get away. What’s more, my recommendation won’t benefit you, regardless of whether I wish to give you counsel, on the off chance that Allah’s Will is to keep you off track. He is your Lord! and to Him you will return.”

The skeptics, who had become irritated with Nuh (A.S), turned to savagely disparage the Messenger of Allah in an endeavor to scare him from teaching the religion of Islam. They said: “Verily, we see you in plain mistake”. Nuh (A.S) calmly answered: “O my kin! There is no mistake in me, yet I am a Messenger from the Lord of the universes! I pass on unto you the Messages of my Lord and offer genuine guidance to you. Also, I know from Allah what you know not.”

Regardless of the constant ridicules and dismissal, Prophet Nuh (A.S) was determined in calling his kin to Islam for 900 and fifty years. In any case, each age that came to present dismissed Nuh (A.S) as their fathers did. Every youngster that arrived at an age of understanding was obviously cautioned against the lessons of Prophet Nuh (A.S). At the point when the Prophet moved toward them, they ran away from him. They vigorously endeavored to escape from the presence of Nuh (A.S). After a short time, Prophet Nuh (A.S) understood that the number of doubters was quickly on the ascent, while the number of devotees stayed unaltered. He was sad for his kin and dreaded a horrible quandary for them, yet he was left with no decision.

So Prophet Nuh (A.S) appealed to Allah: “My Lord! They have resisted me, and followed one whose riches and children give them no increment except for just misfortune. They have plotted a powerful plot. They have said: ‘you shall not leave your gods, nor will you leave Wadd, Suwa, Yaghuth, Ya’uq, nor Nasr (names of the idols)’. Without a doubt they have steered many off track. O Allah! Award no increment to the doubters.”

Allah before long uncovered to Prophet Nuh (A.S) that no one else from his kin would enter Islam from that point. Miserable and disappointed, Prophet Nuh (A.S) answered Allah: “My Lord! Leave not one of the doubters on the earth. Assuming you leave them, they will deceive Your slaves and they will bring forth none yet wicked doubters.” Prophet Nuh’s (A.S) request was acknowledged by his Lord. He educated Prophet Nuh (A.S): “And build the ark under Our Eyes and with Our Inspiration and address Me not for the benefit of the individuals who fouled up.”

Outside as far as possible, away from the ocean, Prophet Nuh (A.S) started to build the ark through day and night with the help and direction of the Angels. The development of the ark went on in the midst of the steady joke of individuals. They sneered at Prophet Nuh (A.S) saying: “O Nuh! Does carpentry interest you more than prophethood? For what reason would you say you are building an ark such a long way from the ocean? Are you going to drag it to the water or is the breeze going to convey it for you?” Prophet Nuh (A.S) replied: “You will come to realize who will be humiliated and languishing.”

prophet nuh

Allah then instructed to Nuh (A.S) that when the stove at his home starts to spout forward water, gather the adherents and board the ark for it was the principal indication of the start of the floods that would obliterate the doubters. Not long later, the horrendous day unfolded as water started spouting forward from the stove at Prophet Nuh’s (A.S) home. Nuh (A.S) realized the time had come to load up the ark. Alongside the devotees, Nuh (A.S) likewise took with his sets of birds, animals, and insects. Individuals who saw Nuh’s (A.S) curious way of behaving snickered at him again saying: “Nuh probably has gone mad! What will he do with the animals?”

Before long, heavy rains started to pour down from the furious skies and water started to ascend through each crack on the planet. The water levels progressively started to rise and the seas vanquished the land. The once dry land was presently totally lowered in the water.

Prophet Nuh (A.S) saw the horrible disaster that had happened to his kin. He realized the skeptics had no way out from the rage of Allah. Among the doubters was Prophet Nuh’s wife and son who would not board his ark. Nuh (A.S) frantically shouted to his child: “O my son! Leave with us and be not among the skeptics.” The oblivious child of Nuh (A.S) answered, “I will get to the mountain; it will save me from the water.” Nuh (A.S) replied: “This day there is no savior from the Decree of Allah with the exception of him on whom He shows kindness.” Before lengthy, Nuh’s child was overwhelmed by furious waves and gone forever.

At the point when each and every skeptic had died, Allah requested the skies and the earth: “O Earth! Gobble up your water, and O sky! Keep your downpour.” The skies promptly cleared and the sun sparkled brilliantly on the land. In the interim, Nuh’s ark calmly arrived on Mount Judi. Allah taught His Prophet: “O Nuh! Descend (from the boat) with peace from Us and favors on you and on individuals who are with you.”

As educated, Prophet Nuh (A.S) alongside the devotees got off the ark, delivering the saved animals, birds, and insects across the green land. Prophet Nuh (A.S), put his forehead on the ground, prostrated to his Lord, and said thanks to Him for His leniency and favors. The devotees were thankful to Allah for defending them from the horrible experience and noticed a day of fasting as a demonstration of appreciation to Allah.

The story of Prophet Nuh (A.S) in Islam is a great reminder to trust Allah even in harsh times. and Shirk is a major sin from which we should forbid ourselves.

This was the story of Prophet Nuh (A.S.). Read more Prophets’ stories here.

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