Story of Prophet Idris: When Prophet Adam (A.S.) was alive, Prophet Idris (A.S.) (Enoch) was born. so that they may each get to know the other. Hazrat  Idris (A.S.) was born during Prophet Adam’s lifetime and lived for 120 years. He continued to be this so throughout Sheeth’s (A.S.) (Seth’s) lifetime.

Another name for the Prophet Idris (A.S.) is Akhnukh. His ancestry is as follows: Idris son of Yarid son of Mahlaeel son of Qinan son of Anoush son of Prophet Sheeth (Seth) (A.S.) son of Prophet Adam (A.S.)

First Person to Start Writing with a Pen


According to a hadith from Abu-Dharr, 30 books were revealed on Idris (A.S.) (Enoch), and according to other traditions, he was the first person to start writing with a pen. Writing did not exist before to Idris (A.S.) until Allah (S.W.T.) taught him how to do it, and he is the one who passed that knowledge on to others. Idris (A.S.) received talent from Allah (S.W.T.) in a number of scientific disciplines, including mathematics and astronomy. Prophet Idris is renowned for having skills in creating the tools that people require. He was fluent in every language spoken today. Let’s read about the Story of Prophet Idris (A.S.)/ Prophet Enoch in detail.

The third Prophet was Idris (A.S.)/Enoch


Idris (A.S.) was in fact the ruler when he arrived after Sheeth (A.S.) (Seth). He was a Prophet, a Messenger, and their leader. Allah controlled his law, and He changed some of Sheeth’s (A.S.) Shariah. And “Jihad” was one of the issues that Idris came up with at the moment. Idris (A.S.) was the first Prophet and Messenger to advocate for Jihad (fighting in the service of Allah (S.W.T.)) (Enoch).

And in the Quran, Allah (S.W.T.) says: “And point out Ishmael, Idris, and Dhul-Khifl. Each one had been a victim, and we took them all into our mercy. They had undoubtedly been among the righteous. (21:85-86)

Allah (S.W.T.) speaks about Him in Surat Maryam: “And point out within the guide, Idrees, Certainly, He was a person of reality and a Prophet. And we raised him to an excessive station.” (19:56-57)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encountered prophets and messengers in each heaven on his voyage to the Isra Wa Miraj, and on the fourth heaven, He (PBUH) also encountered Prophet Idris (as).

Prophet Idris received the benefits for all of humanity’s good deeds over time as revealed by Allah. Over his personal actions, personal rewards, and over Idris’ admirable deeds (A.S.). Additionally, Allah (S.W.T.) grants him the blessings of everyone who lived during the time of Prophet Idrees (A.S.). Idris (A.S.) expressed his gratitude to Allah (S.W.T. ), at which point He (as) understood that living a longer life was the only way to gain greater benefits.

And among the various Angels, one was Prophet Idris’s (A.S.) best friend and traveling companion. Accordingly, Prophet Idris told this Angel that “Allah (S.W.T.) revealed to me that every day I get all the excellent rewards and the deeds of everyone on earth without receiving my own awards, on top of my own good actions.” Is there any chance you could speak with the Angel of Death and urge him to postpone my death so I can live even longer?

The Angel then said, “We’ll see,” before continuing.

As a result, the Prophet Idrees (A.S.) ascended to the heavens on the back of this Angel. They then encountered the Angel of Death on the fourth heaven.

So this Angel advised the Angel of Demise that “Idris is asking that for those who might make him reside longer?”

“And where is Idrees”, the Angel of Death asked.

“He’s on my back”, he said.

So the Angel of Death said, “Wonderful”

Angel asked, “What’s Wonderful?”

“Allah (S.W.T.) commanded me to take the soul of Idrees from the fourth heaven, and I questioned how I was going to do it,” the Angel of Death said. “I once found it amazing. Subhan Allah, Allah (S.W.T.) brought about the event.”

Angel of Death arrived with one purpose, Prophet Idrees (A.S.) with another, and Allah (S.W.T.) only allows what He wills to occur.

Prophet Idrees (A.S.) passed away, and the fourth Heaven is where His soul was carried. the only Prophet to pass on to the fourth heaven. Allahu akbar.

This was the memorable Story of Prophet Idris (Enoch). The Story of Prophet Idris reminds us of the magnanimity of Allah (swt), How to live a pious and virtuous life.

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