Can Muslims celebrate Christmas? Is Christmas Haram in Islam

Can Muslims celebrate Christmas? Is Christmas Haram in Islam

Can Muslims celebrate Christmas? Islam is a full way of life that is adequate for Muslims. We ought to be proactive and engaged at the same time. It is important for us to remember our role in society. For others, we ought to set a positive example. Islam exhorts us to treat everyone with kindness, without regard to racial or religious distinctions.

Muslims are unique individuals. Muslim scholars have stated that Muslims must not celebrate non-Muslim festivals, such as Christmas, in order to maintain their identity. It’s likely that steadily taking part in Christmas will cause one to become less aware of this fundamental distinction between Islam and Christianity. Muslims need to use extreme caution in this situation.

Muslims do not imitate and celebrate false Festivals

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, told us not to imitate the non-believers, especially the Jews and Christians. From two hadiths, we can understand why not can Muslims celebrate Christmas:

Ibn Umar reported: Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said,

Whoever imitates a people is one of them.

Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 4031

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “You will certainly follow the ways of those who came before you hand span by hand span, cubit by cubit, to the extent that if they enter the hole of a lizard, you will enter it too.’ We said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, (do you mean) the Jews and the Christians?’ He said: ‘Who else?’”

[Bukhari & Muslim]

The biggest risk faces our future generation, who can gradually come to believe in Jesus (PBUH) as “more than a prophet and servant of Allah” and gradually lose their Islamic faith in tawhid. Furthermore, it is our duty as parents to explain to our kids that this is not a festival for Muslims and explain why not can Muslims celebrate Christmas. This is a holiday observed by our Christian neighbors and friends.

Secular Festival, not a Religious Festival?

Everyone has their own Festival. There are religious celebrations as well as social and cultural ones. Certain festivals are not of that kind, while others are founded on customs and ideas that go counter to Islamic principles. Some believe that Christmas is no longer a religious celebration but rather a secular one that is mostly observed in the United States.

However, it is incorrect to believe that just because this festival is national, it is no longer Christian. Although this holiday is highly commercialized and well-known, at its core it is a religious celebration. Its entire iconography, including its name, is distinctly Christian.

Why Is Christmas Haram in Islam?

Christmas is a time when Christians commemorate what they see as the “day of the birth of Son of God” or “God Incarnate.” As a result, it is not just a celebration of a different religion but also one that is founded on a viewpoint that is wholly incompatible with Islamic beliefs. The concept of the “Son of God” or “God in the flesh” is blasphemous from an Islamic perspective, and Kufr and Shirk. It is possible that by celebrating Christmas, one may gradually become less aware of this fundamental distinction. and celebrating Christmas is celebrating Kufr, and it is a great sin. That is why Christmas is Haram in Islam.

Muslims do not Celebrate Birthdays

It is not rational nor Islamic to argue that since “Christmas is actually the birthday of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH), there is no wrong in celebrating the holiday.” Why should Muslims commemorate the birthday of Jesus (PBUH)? Why not the dates of birth for the other twenty-four prophets and messengers listed by name in the Qur’an? Muslims do not celebrate birthdays because birthday celebration is Haram in Islam1.

Jesus (PBUH) is not the Last Prophet

It is not Jesus (PBUH) who is the last Prophet and Messenger of Allah, but rather Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). According to Christians, Jesus (PBUH) was the last prophet, and “in these last days he spoke to us through his son whom he made to inherit everything” (New Testament, Hebrews 1:1). As a result, they rejoice in his arrival, yet to us Muslims, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the final Prophet, chosen by Allah to lead all peoples across all ages. and indeed he was the last Prophet (PBUH) to mankind.

Guiding our children not to celebrate Christmas

We think that the celebrations and glitter of this holiday have a significant impact on our young children. At this point, we ought to make an effort to bring them to some Islamic conferences and camps in addition to providing them with some alternative activities and programs. However, Muslim families shouldn’t decorate their homes for the Christmas holidays with lights or have Christmas trees inside or outside.

Telling our kids that we are Muslims and that this is not our holiday is important. It’s our Christian friends’ and neighbors’ holiday.

You can share gifts with your kids and decorate your home for the holidays, including Ramadan and Eid. This is really well-considered. It is a wonderful idea to decorate our masjids and homes during Eid and Ramadan.

One of the Hadiths states that during the month of Ramadan, even the heavens are specially decorated. During the month of Ramadan, Allah Almighty opens the gates of Paradise and closes the gates of Hell.

It is especially important for Muslims to observe their own Islamic holidays. Our kids will be drawn to our own festivities instead of focusing on others in this way.

Regretfully, there are Muslims who are not celebrating Eid or Ramadan actively. A portion of them don’t even attend the Eid prayers, and those who do, don’t take the day off from work. As a result, their kids are unaware of Islamic holidays or believe that there are no celebrations and festivals in Islam. We should make Eids a great celebration for all.

Reasons Why Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas

The fact that Christmas was originally a pagan tradition that Christianity acquired helps to explain why Muslims do not celebrate or believe in it. Have you ever wondered “Was Jesus born on Dec 25?” actually, you will be surprised by the pagan links of Christmas and even many of the Christians agree that Christmas is not actually the Birth date of Jesus (PBUH).

Not celebrating Christmas has nothing to do with our deep love and respect for Jesus (PBUH), the powerful Messenger of Allah, whom we Muslims recognize as the Messiah and Prophet. A Muslim is not a Muslim if he/she does not believe in Jesus (PBUH) or any of the Prophets (PBUT). One should ponder carefully whether Jesus (PBUH) would identify with Christmas-lovers if he were to return in the present day. We must commemorate the important lessons imparted by Jesus (PBUH) and other prophets every day. To accomplish this is to actively carry out God’s will while putting love, mercy, justice, and compassion into effect. 

And if Christians were truly the “followers of Jesus” (PBUH), then they should believe in One God, not in a Triune God, not worship a Man as God, and stop worshipping idols. If the followers of Jesus (PBUH) are called “Christians”, then we Muslims are more “Christians” than Christians themselves (as Mufti Menk said in one of his videos) because we worship One true undivided God, just as Prophet Jesus (PBUH) told us to.

Conclusion: Can Muslims celebrate Christmas?

So Can Muslims celebrate Christmas? It becomes clear that we should not celebrate Christmas and imitate the non-believers. Celebrating Christmas is Haram in Islam. We have two blessed festivals, two Eids to celebrate. Make them a great celebration for your family, friends, neighbors, and relatives. We Muslims are perfect, our way of life is perfect and our religion is perfect as said in the Holy Quran:-

This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islām as religion.

Surah Al-Maidah, Verse 3

So enjoy the life you were given and celebrate every day, not just some specific days, the blessings of Allah SWT, and remember him five times in a day and be thankful for being born a Muslim.

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