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Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Many Prophets came to deliver the message of Islam in different times and different nations. From Prophet Adam (a.s.) to Prophet Nuh (a.s.). From Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) to Prophet Esa (a.s.), all prophets did their tasks faithfully. But it is the tendency of humans to deviate from the righteous path. The last Prophet and Messenger of Allah to this world were Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) who gave the feast of Islam and started his tehreek in the land of Arab. After him, no prophet is to come until the Day of Judgement. In this article we will discuss the Life of Prophet Muhammad in detail, gradually covering each aspect and event of his life. But first let’s read about a little summary of his biography.

Life of Prophet Muhammad (Brief Summary)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was descended from the Prophet Ismael, son of the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon them, being the son of Abdullah, son of the Abdul-Muttalib, son of Hashim, and so on.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born into a noble family in the Arabian city of Mecca on a Monday, the 17th day of the lunar month of Rabi-I, in the year 570 CE. His father and ancestors were among the Quraysh tribe’s chieftains and members of the Bani-Hashim clan. In the year 610 CE, on the 27th day of the month of Rajab, he received the first divine revelation, which marked the beginning of his prophetic mission. The Prophet then received the Qur’an gradually over a 23-year period in accordance with the circumstances of the time.

On the 28th of the month of Safar, in the 11th year of the Hijrah 1, 632 CE, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) died a natural death.

We will discuss the Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Events here in detail in subsequent chapters.

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