The Dabbat al-ard (Beast of the Earth) in Quran and Hadith

Dabbat al-ard Beast of the Earth

The Beast of the Earth, commonly known as “The Dabba/Dabbah,” is a creature referenced in the Quran Surah 27:82 and connected to the Day of Judgement. Its Arabic name is Dabbat al-Ard (دَابَّة الأَرْض). Because of this, the Beast of the Earth is frequently cited in apocalyptic writings as a warning of the coming of Day of Judgement just before the sun rises in the west. The characteristics of the Beast of the Earth are not explicitly described in the Quran.

Dabbat al-ard (Beast of the Earth) in the Quran


The Beast is mentioned in Surah An-Naml: dabbah al ard (beast of the earth)

And when the Word is fulfilled against them (the unjust), we shall produce from the earth a beast to (face) them: He will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in Our Signs.

— Quran 27:82

The verse’s apparent interpretation is that this dabba, which will emerge from the ground, will speak to people and accuse them of not fully believing in heavenly signs. In light of this, others claim that dabba might represent the radio, television, or even the Internet because these mediums are created using some basic elements that are mined from the earth. According to certain narrations, “The head of dabba will touch the clouds.” As is common knowledge, satellites are used to connect televisions, and the satellite’s head is located in the sky.

These devices are advantageous to those who adhere to religious halal-haram standards. Because these tools can be utilised for good and sins as well as for evil and sins more frequently, those who lack these qualities suffer as a result.

We don’t believe it is necessary to consider Dabba’s speech to be tongue-in-cheek. This speech may have been delivered through dispositional tongue. For instance, although traffic lights and signs lack tongues, they communicate a lot of information to people.

Dabbat al-ard (Beast of the Earth) in the Hadiths


The Beast of the Earth is further described in hadiths. According to rumours, it will carry Moses’ staff and the Seal of Solomon Seal. Some claim that it will appear from places like the highlands of Safa or a crack in the Kaaba. It is referred to be having parts of different animals and beasts. Dabbat al-ard (Beast of the Earth) is mentioned in the following Hadiths:

“One of the signs of Doomsday is the sun rising from the direction where it sets and the emergence of “dabba” at mid-morning. One of these signs will immediately be followed by the other.” (Muslim, Fitan, 118)

“Dabba appears holding the seal of Solomon and the staff of Moses. It will illuminate the face of the believer and seal the nose of the unbeliever. When people living at that time come together, believers and unbelieves will be distinguished.” (Ahmad b. Hanbal, Musnad “, II, 491)

‘Dabba’ Meaning


The term dabba means “a living, moving being.” Things like the train and the car can be referred to as “dabba” based on the word’s definition. Someone from a thousand years ago, for instance, may call a train with 100 wagons “dabbat ul-ard” if they could be transported to the present day. However, animals are typically referred to by this term.

This raises the possibility of thinking of the following question “Is dabbat ul ard a species or an individual?” To assume that a person will interact with so many individuals is inappropriate. In that situation, it would be more proper to consider it a species.

Different people have different ideas on what a dabba is. For example, it is reported that Hazrat Ali said, “What is meant by it is not dabba with tail but dabba with beard.” It is understandable that such a perspective might imply some bad individuals.

Some claim that the “AIDS virus” is dabba. It’s referred to as “television” by some. Even some people have expressed the possibility that they are robots. They argue that artificially intelligent robots created by humans would rebel against “their masters” and end civilization as we know it.

What will Dabba do?


“Dabbat al-ard” is a term used in Islamic eschatology to refer to a creature or device that will emerge towards the end of times. Its nature and exact purpose are not known for certain, as there are varying interpretations among scholars and religious traditions.

According to some interpretations, Dabbat al-ard will be a miraculous creature that will be sent by God as a sign of the approaching Day of Judgment. It is believed to have the ability to speak to humans and will use its powers to mark the foreheads of believers with the word “faith” and the foreheads of disbelievers with the word “disbelief”. It is also said to have the ability to distinguish between good and evil and will assist in judging people on the Day of Judgment.

It will be an extraordinary beast. It will abruptly rise from the earth. On the authority of Saaiduna Talha Ibn Umar through Abu Dawud Tayalisi, Ibn Kathir claimed in a lengthy hadith that this beast will emerge in Makkah from the Mount of Safa and will arrive at a place between the Black Stone and Maqam Ibrahim after clearing the dust from its head. When humans see this creature, they will begin to flee. There will only be one set of people left. The beast will then cause their faces to shine like lights. After then, it will travel into the world and mark every unbeliever with an infidelity sign.

According to Shaikh Jalal Uddin Mahalli (RA), the requirement to encourage others to carry out good deeds and forbid them from bad would no longer be applicable after the Beast appears. And after this, no non-Muslim will convert to Islam.

According to Saaiduna Ibn Abbas Radiallahu Anhu, who is supported by a narration from Saaiduna Ali Radiallahu Anhu, the Beast will speak to people in a way that is similar to how they speak among themselves. (Maariful Quran p.616-p.617 v.6)

Other interpretations suggest that Dabbat al-ard may be a symbolic representation of a natural disaster or a catastrophic event that will occur towards the end of time. It is believed to be associated with the appearance of the Antichrist, who will try to deceive people and lead them astray.

Is AIDS dabba?


At this moment, the thought of the AIDS virus may cross your mind because it typically spreads through illicit relationships. Illegal partnerships have always existed throughout history, but they have never expanded so far or taken on the guise of a craze. From this vantage point, it makes perfect sense to think of the AIDS virus as a form of divine retribution.

Additionally, the following incident related to Solomon in the Quran may serve as a sign for one component of dabba:

Following the story that Solomon employed jinn to create massive structures, sculptures, and other works, the following is stated:

“Then, when We decreed (Solomon’s) death nothing showed them his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept (slowly) gnawing away at his staff: so when he fell down, the Jinn saw plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating Penalty (of their Task).” (Saba, 14).

The account says that when the jinn were at work, Solomon leaned on his staff and examined them. Azrael, who had not yet arrived, came and took his soul away as he was leaning on his staff. The jinn continued their task despite not being aware that he had passed away. Solomon’s staff broke when an earthworm gnawed away at it, causing him to collapse. The jinn didn’t realise he was dead till afterward. They wouldn’t have laboured as arduously in anguish if they had understood what lay ahead.

Read more about Types of Jinns here.

Solomon’s staff was nibbled at by this dabba, just as the AIDS virus-like dabbatul-ard can gnaw at and afflict those people who have pushed the limits. but it is not confirmed or we cant say anything about AIDS virus being Dabbat al-ard yet.

And Allah knows Best.

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