Is Crab Halal or Haram in Islam? Crab eating in Islam

Is Crab Halal or Haram in Islam Crab eating in Islam

Is Crab Halal or Haram in Islam? Can Muslims eat crabs?

A common food enjoyed all over the world and a rich source of protein, crab is one of the many aquatic critters that are frequently spotted in the world’s seas and oceans.

The query of whether or not Is Crab Halal or Haram in Islam has grown in popularity as more people choose to convert to Islam and adhere to a halal diet.

Understanding what complies and what doesn’t with Islamic dietary regulations is important for Muslims. and is knowing whether Is Crab Halal or Haram in Islam also.

In contrast, haram, which means forbidden, refers to food or animals that do not comply with Islamic dietary law for food consumption. Halal, which means permissible, refers to food that Muslims are permitted to consume in accordance with Islamic law.

It’s vital to remember that some foods and animals might also be deemed problematic or controversial in addition to being permitted (halal) or prohibited (haram).

This may imply that the Halal or Haram status of the dish in question is unclear. It is advisable to consult religious experts in these situations to get a better grasp of the food’s permissibility.

What is the Islamic view on eating crabs? Read the following explanation to learn more.

Is Crab Halal or Haram in Islam?


Crabs are partially halal.

Because crabs are considered to be “al-hayawan al barma’i” in the fiqh, or animals that can dwell both on land and in the sea, experts disagree on the subject of the law that applies to them.

Because there is no nash or shahih explanation that prevents eating crab meat in the Holy Quran or hadith, Maliki scholars claim that it is permitted to consume crab meat.

Crabs are likewise regarded as halal by Hanbali scholars. The only aquatic animal that can be consumed halal according to Hanafi and Syafi’i scholars is fish; eating other animals is forbidden. Crabs are not considered to be fish, hence it is illegal to eat them.


This was supported by a number of scholarly fatwas.

Is Crab Eating Safe For Muslims?


The majority of scholars concur that crabs are healthy and permissible to consume as long as they are properly prepared, free from torture, and neither toxic nor injurious to health, despite the fact that there are disagreements regarding whether they are halal.

A Final Word


It is clear from the preceding justification that different academics have different opinions about eating crabs. The choice to consume seafood like crab or not is ultimately a personal one.

If you want to be cautious, you can seek advice from someone with vast experience or even stop eating crab completely and switch to another type of seafood.

For those who enjoy eating crabs, you are permitted to do so according to the scholars’ rulings as long as the crabs you consume are not harmful to your health and are processed using halal techniques.

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