Is Hookah Haram in Islam? Is Shisha/ Water pipe Haram?

Is Hookah Haram in Islam Is Shisha Water pipe Haram

Is Hookah Haram in Islam?

Many times we see people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, smoking Hookah/Sheesh/Water pipes and we ask ourselves “Is Hookah Haram in Islam or not?”. why would such a harmful substance be allowed anyway? what is the Islamic verdict on this?

Without a doubt, smoking is one of the worst toxins that a lot of people are eager to consume, disregarding the illnesses that it causes, many of which result in death. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that tobacco is extremely harmful to human health, so inhaling it in any way is unquestionably prohibited. hence, Hookah is Haram in Islam. Numerous studies have shown that breathing tobacco exposes one to thousands of chemicals, the majority of which are deadly toxins that cause cancer, heart disease, etc. According to a 2008 report by the World Health Organisation, smoking causes the deaths of 5.4 million people annually or almost 14,000 people per day. By 2020, tobacco use will kill ten million people yearly if immediate action is not done.

There is no way a believer can look at something indifferently once it has been so clearly demonstrated to be destructive to one’s health, causing death, and damaging one’s health.

The legal maxim “that which is clearly harmful shall be deemed as haram” is unmistakable.

In addition to the harmful consequences smoking has on one’s health, it also wastes valuable resources that could be employed for much more productive activities.

How can we stand by while so many people throughout the world go hungry and die from a lack of water and vital nutrients?

Given the popular perception that hookah use is less dangerous than cigarette smoking, some people may want to establish a distinction between the two. However, this seems to be an artificial distinction.

In addition, hookah encourages sloth and inactivity. The Prophet (peace be upon him) told to turn to Allah for protection from apathy and indolence. Then, how could we have a favorable opinion of a practice that develops the bad habits that Allah and His Messenger detest?

In addition, Muslims in the modern world need to work extremely hard to keep up with the rest of the world. If so, how can a believer who is aware of the poor status of the Ummah and the critical need for radical reforms tolerate or support such practices? Remember that our habits determine whether we succeed or fail in life.

May Allah enable us to avoid all habits and lifestyles that produce sloth, complacency, and laziness, and may He endear us to hard work, for Allah commands His Messenger, “When you finish one chore, be ready to start the next.”

Let us train ourselves to include the supplication of Allah’s Beloved in our daily dhikr, which is:


Allaahumma inee a`udhu bika mina al-ajzi wa al-kasali wa `audhbu bika mina al-jubni wa al-bukhli

(O Allah, I seek refuge in You from helplessness, sloth and laziness, I seek refuge in You from cowardice and miserliness.)

Is shisha haram?


The tobacco used in shisha, along with jirak (something resembling tobacco), and mu’assal (mild, flavoured tobacco), is identical to conventional cigarette tobacco that is rolled up in paper and really includes harmful substances that are absent from cigarettes.

The Bahrain Anti-Smoking Society’s website states:

Components of shisha


The elements are identical to those found in tobacco used to make cigarettes, which also contains more than 4,000 toxic substances, the most harmful of which are nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, heavy metals, radioactive elements, carcinogens, agricultural chemicals, insecticides, and a host of other toxins.

Some tobacco producers assert that shisha tobacco has had all or the majority of its tar removed. In addition, shisha tobacco contains a number of flavouring additives whose components are unknown and the extent of their negative health consequences is unknown.

It is untrue at all that smoking a shisha, an argileh filled with tobacco, a jirak, or a mu’assal is risk-free. Mu’assal has been linked to numerous diseases and cancers, according to a four-year study conducted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It showed that mu’assal is actually pure tobacco blended with a lot of dyes, colours, and flavours without paying heed to health standards.

Jirak is a mixture of honey, fruits, and cooked and fermented chemical additions that contains 15% tobacco.

Conclusion: Is Hookah Haram in Islam?


So Is Hookah Haram in Islam? Based on the above we can conclude whether Is Hookah Haram in Islam. anything that is harmful to your health is prohibited in Islam. thus, Hookah/ Shisha is haram in Islam.

Most jurists consider such substances to be at the very least, makruh tahrimi (prohibitively hated, which is extremely close to haram), particularly when they are used recreationally or in vain.

Such actions go against the teachings of Islam’s pure religion and are harmful to one’s health.

May Allah, through His unending kindness, keep us pure, healthy, and free from all nefarious things.

And Allah knows best.

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