Chapter 1: Islamic Tehreek and before that (Tehreek e Islam)

Islamic Tehreek and before that

The message of Islam or Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is one of the world’s best Islamic Tehreeks (movement/initiative). The same Tehreek which has been brought by the prophets sent by Allah in every age and in every country. This Tehreek has not only spiritually but every part of human life has been touched in such a way that any other example cannot be found in history. This is such a friendly Tehreek which is spiritual, ethical, social and political, everything at the same time. And from whose scope there is no part of human life left outside.

Importance of Tehreek e Islam

Many revolutionary Tehreeks have been rising in the world, but Islamic Tehreek is more than all of them because of its pride and excellency. How did this Movement came about? How did the person presenting it, presented it and what was its reaction? These questions arise in every mind, which has something or the other related to this Tehreek from the beginning. But knowing the answers to these questions does not only fulfill the curiosity of knowing the date, rather the real importance of the answer is that as a result of knowing them, such a complete Islamic investigation comes before us, which is necessary and sufficient even today to solve all the problems in which human beings are entangled. This tehreek, on the one hand, tells a person the true meaning of his profit and loss, reveals to him the realities of that eternal life which is the last destination of every human being. And then for the life of the world, such a Layah-e-Amal (Schedule) is prescribed which, along with making that eternal life successful, also decorates this life in such a way that then the person gets rid of all those entanglements which he has always been troubled to solve and still is today. This is one feature of Islamic Tehreek which makes every Talib Ilm (student/scholar) to look closely and try to understand that to what extent this huge claim made about this Tehreek is true.

In order to understand the Islamic Tehreek, many books have been written and will continue to be written and with the help of them, the Islamic Tehreek becomes very clear. But just as the light of lamp and the smell of fragrance cannot be separated from the flower. In the same way, such Great Tehreek cannot be separated from the image of his Muharrik (Raising One).

That’s why when the Islamic Tehreek is discussed by the people, they also mention the circumstances of the life of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, the Dai(giver) of the Tehreek and the real source of the Tehreek i.e. Tashrih and Tafseer (explanation) of the Qur’an Pak.

The Uniqueness of Tehrik e Islami

Everyone knows that the first and foremost duty of humanity and its best wish is to improve the morality/virtue of the people. Their evils should be removed and such a complete map of life should be presented in front of them, on which a person can succeed properly. Many people have worked in their own ways for this purpose, but those who do this type of reformist work have taken some parts of human reform for themselves and then did whatever they could in those parts. Somebody made Akhlaq (morality) and spirituality their mark, some tried to groom culture and improve civilizations, some made government and politics their ground, but such reformer who decided to decorate the whole life of a human being was only Prophet Muhammad (SAW).The greatest favor of the Creator of this world to humanity is that the feast of the one who brings the last glory in Prophets and the condition of his life is still safe till today that no other example is found in human history.

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)’s circumstances of life are written in such a way that on one hand there has been such a system of health which could not be found in any historical record and on the other hand the condition of magnification and detail is so great that your words, work, way of living life, appearance, getting up, sitting, walking, living, living conditions, the extent to which every act of eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up and laughing, speaking, was left safe, it is necessary that the details we have today are about the great people who passed away a hundred years ago. Those who  do not know that even after passing about one and a half thousand years ago, they can know about Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

Before considering the circumstances of the life of Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihiwasallam, one should keep an eye on one more feature. The importance of a movement is calculated by the amount of resistance it bears. Generally, the condition of Tehreek is that first followers keep pushing for its acceptance and then when suddenly a Tehreek rises from one side, then the people’s sympathies go with it and Tehreek goes on. take for example the tehrik (movement) of the freedom of a country, people are generally troubled by the oppression and wrongful use of power of some hostile rulers and a little passion is born against him in the hearts.

When a courageous person rises up and raises this slogan, even if only a few people support him because of the dangers and fears of harm, but most of the people’s sympathies lies with him. Yes, people get tired of themselves because of their compulsions and the excesses of those who plunder, and on such an occasion, if any Tehreek of Islam arises, then all these people turn towards the same side. But just think of such a Tehreek which rises in a totally opposite situation, like if someone in a free country raises the slogan that the country should adopt the slavery of others, when all the people of the country love freedom, then think about them. Of the troubles and difficulties that can be faced by the person presenting such a thing in such a situation. The importance of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, the Dai of the Islamic Tehreek, and the importance of his work cannot be truly appreciated unless you are told how, what you have presented can be done in adverse circumstances.

The situation of the world during the rise of Islam

Tawheed (monotheism/oneness of God) is the basis of what Islam has presented, but it is this light from which not only Arabs but the whole world was deprived at that time. Human beings were unaware of Tawheed. It is true that before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), many prophets already came to bring the message of Islam. But the misfortune of humanity is that they had forgotten those lesson and had find Gods in the moon, the sun, the stars, the jinns, the angels, the gods, the mountains, the rivers, the animals, the human beings, and some others, according to their desire, and Now instead of finding comfort in one God, man was entangled in the entanglement of innumerable Deities. At that time two important forces were present from the political perspective, Persia and Rome. the religion of Persians was Zoroastrianism (worship of fire) which was spread from Iraq to the borders of India. The religion of the Romans was Christianity, which encompassed Europe, Asia and Africa. But apart from them, Jews and Hindus were also important from religious times, and each of them had a claim to truth in his own place.

Star worship was common in Iran. Apart from this, the emperor and the rich people were also the Gods and deities of the common people, who were worshipped. Songs of their praise were sung. It is unfortunate that the whole country was unaware of Tauheed.

Rule of the Romans

Rule of the Romans after the Greeks was considered to be the biggest rule in the world, but at the end of the sixth century AD, this kingdom had reached the last point of its existence. The humiliation of the government, the fear of the enemy, the wickedness within the country, the ultimate decline of morality, the extent of extravagance, to the point that there was no evil that was not found in them. From the religious point of view, some people were engrossed in the worship of the stars and the idols of the gods, but those who had accepted the Christian religion were also freed from the concept of Tawhid. They were the believer of the father, son, the Holy Spirit and Maryam. Hundreds of religious people had become sinners and all of them used to fight amongst themselves. Grave worship became common. Priests were worshiped, Popes were followed like Gods by common religious people. They had the powers of Halal and Haram and their call was considered as the call of God.

In India

There was that period in India which is called Puranik Daur in religious tradition, this period is considered to be the most dated period in the religious date of India. At that time, intolerance was increasing again and the Buddhas were almost destroyed. The importance of that period is that the shirk (idolatry) had grown beyond its limits.

The number of deities had increased to 33 crores. It is said that during the time of the Vedas, there was no custom of idolatry, but at that time the worship of idols was common in temples. The priests of the temples were a model of wickedness and it was their job to rob the people of little understanding. At the same time, the caste system was also on the rise. And people were given wrong favors because of race and lineage. It was a common practice to drink alcohol. It was considered necessary for them to spend time in the forests and mountains in search of God. Everything was strange. To bow one’s head in front of everyone had become a religion. The count of gods, goddesses and idols was beyond guesswork and speculation. The Morality status of the priestly women and the devadasis had become deeply disgraceful and the condition was that all this was done in the name of religion. Women were risked in gambling, a woman had many husbands, a girl child would be considered unlucky and buried in the ground. For fear of losing the battle, the women themselves would have been killed by their own fathers, brothers and husband’s own hands.

Naked men and women were worshipped and people get drunk in religious events, and all this was considered an act of righteousness. It is indeed that this land of Allah was badly entangled in the web of Satan

The Jews

If any hope of Islam could be expected, that was from Jews since the advent of the Deen (Faith) of God, it could have been done from Jews, but their condition had also fallen. They had not done such religious activities in a long time, due to which they did not even have the position to do any Islamic work. The fact is that whenever a prophet of Allah came to them, they could not even tolerate his words and did not even knew how many prophets they had killed. They had become convinced that they had a special relationship with God and without this he would not punish them. They thought that the Paradise was actually made for them only. Their chiefs were worldly and materialistic, they used to change the religious orders every day for the happiness of the rich and the rulers. Leaving them disliked, fighting among themselves and dying. This had become their common task.

The desire for goods and wealth had increased so much that they even intended to do some work in which there is a risk of life and property. Because of this, their ethical condition had become extremely weak. In them the influences of paganism were also born, sorcery, talismanic, witchcraft, magic, amulyat, etc., etc. When the prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam presented Tawhid clearly, these same Jews even said that Arab idolators are better than Muslims.

The Condition of Arabs

After looking at the religious and political situation of the world, let us also take a look at the condition of Arab itself, because this is the place where the Prophet of Allah started his Tehreek and from where all the movement started. A large part of Arabia i.e., Wadi-e-Quraand Khyber-de-Fidak were mostly Jewish. Although there were still believers of Allah, these people considered him to be the God of Gods, I.e., associated with other Gods which they made on their own.

They thought that they need these local Gods to deal with day-to-day issues. so they used to worship them, call their names and used to make sacrifices in their name and to ask wishes. It was their belief about Allah that by making these puny gods happy, Allah will also be happy. and these people called the angels the “daughters of God”, whom they considered to be God’s beloved, and in this way they worshiped them and sought help from them. They used to make and worship them, the hobby of paganism had become so common that wherever a beautiful stone was found, they started worshiping it and if nothing was found, then made a gum of clay, sprinkled goat’s milk on it and performed tawaaf for the same. Apart from these idols, Arabs also worshiped the stars, the many tribes worshiped the stars, the sun and the moon were more important in them, and strange things were famous in them about those who were worshiped and ghosts also. Apart from this, everything that is common in pagans was found in them. Along with this religious perversion, fighting among themselves was common among them. They would fight over minor issues and then the series of tussle and hatred would go on for generations.

Gambling and drinking were so common that hardly any nation could compete with them in this matter. Apart from this, usury, plunder, theft, ruthlessness and blood, adultery and other filth made them poor in human form. they used to bury their girls alive. men and women performed tawaaf of Khan-e-Kaaba naked and considered it a religious activity.

Arab’s attitude towards Tehrik e Islami

The darkness in which not only Arabia but the whole world was wandering needed a light which would dispel all the darkness and show the way of Allah to the misguided servants of Allah. Why Allah (SWT) preferred only the Arab country in the whole world to bring out the light? it is also worth mentioning a few things about this. Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam was chosen to send the last message of guidance to the whole world and to spread the feast to the whole world. it was obvious that the lifetime of one man is not enough for this wonderful work. For this it was necessary that the prophets of Allah should form in their presence such a group of the Islamists who would continue their work even after they are gone.

The kind of intelligence needed for this important work was found on a higher scale and with a greater degree of popularity among the inhabitants of Arabia. Apart from this, the geographical location of the Arab country is also such that it is located in the middle of all the continents of the inhabited world and in this way, it was very easy to spread this message all around. Apart from this, the nature and disclosure of Arabic language is such that the language which was to be presented could be performed in Arabic language with the ease with which other tongues of the world were too tight for it. The great pleasure of the Arabs was that they were not incapable, the incapability that comes to the minds due to slavery. All around them were the great rulers of Iran and Rome. But none of them could make Arabs their slaves. They were exceedingly brave and fearless. Never used to take the dangers into consideration, took fighting as a game, were passionate and clean in their hearts, free from backbiting and cheating. They had higher common sense and wisdom and ability to understand intricate things. They were intelligent and couldn’t afford being embarrassed.

Difficulty in the Reformation of Arabs

On the one hand, the land of Arabia was the tongue of the Arabs and the people of Arabia, on the basis of which Allah (SWT) decided to send the last message on that country and those people, but on the other hand there was difficulty also Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) had to bear for the reformation of this community. It has been written in the beginning that in order to check the merit of every work, it is necessary to see under what circumstances it was done. The era in which the Islamic Tehreek arose and became successful is a wonderful feat till date of the world, and the community which has been offered Imamat by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, and the challenges faced by him is amazing in itself.

Unless the intelligence of the Arab community is described, no person can appreciate this wonderful Islamic work which was done by the last prophet of Allah.

Even after the reformation of the Arabs, difficulties were high, some of which are discussed here. Among them, these are the biggest and worth mentioning. The Arab community was completely illiterate. They were unaware of the knowledge of true religion, the glory of the Book of Allah, the belief in the Hereafter, the true meaning of worship. These people were so blind to the rituals and customs of their forefathers that it was a vexing thing for them to withdraw an inch from it, while what Islam offered was completely against their aboriginal religion. All the bad spiritual conditions arising out of Shirk were present in them. Superstitious beliefs had spoiled their wisdom. Battles within themselves had become national pride and because of them it was not easy for them to think seriously about any issue. Whatever they thought, they used to think on the style of fighting and war. Generally, war booty was the main source of earning. Similarly, it can be guessed that when Prophet Muhmmad (SAW) used to give them the feast of Islam, it was a completely new thing in front of them which they had not heard or understood before that and which was against the practice of their forefathers. It was completely against the thoughts which they were still holding on to their chest. The purpose of that feast was to stop the wars, decide to live with peace and stop plunder, get rid of bad habits, stop earning haram and believe in one God.

Obviously, it was an extremely difficult task to prepare those people to support such a call. The situation of the whole world, the condition of Arabia, and the habits and behaviour of the community that was to receive the message of Islam, was not very good enough, but when the consequences came to happen, everything started to fall in place altogether, even after difficulties. The Arabs were awakened from a deep slumber, a spark was ignited, and the darkness was driven with the incoming of light. This makes us wonder who was the person behind such a reformation. This makes us study the life and mission of Prophet Muhmmad (PBUH).

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