Ayat e Karima (Ayat e Kareema) – Dua Of Yunus (AS)

Ayat e Kareema dua of prophet yunus

One of the most significant verses in the Holy Quran is known as Ayat e Karima. Prophet Yunus (AS) repeated this dua while he was stuck in the stomach of a whale. Almighty Allah’s mercy befell upon Prophet Yunus (AS) as he recited these words. The verse is brimming with good qualities.

Ayat e Karima is said by millions of Muslims worldwide. Its advantages extend to all aspects of life, from financial setbacks to spiritual problems. Though we won’t be delving into the verse’s history, we will consider the benefits of repeating it and incorporating it into our daily lives.

Ayat e Karima – Dua Of Yunus (AS)

The famous dua of Ayat e Karima, sometimes referred to as Tasbi e Yunus or Dua Of Yunus (AS), is as follows:

لَآ اِلٰهَ اِلَّآ اَنتَ سُبحٰنَکَ اِنِّی کُنتُ مِنَ الظَّالِمِینَ

Laa illaha illaa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz-zalimeen

There is no god but You (O My Lord!). Glory be to You! Verily, I have been of the wrongdoers.

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Which Surah and Para contain Ayat e Kareema?

The 87th verse of Surah Anbiya and the 17th paragraph of the Holy Quran contain Ayat e Kareema.

Verses 87 and 88 of Surah Al-Anbiya read as follows:

And [mention] the man of the fish (Yunus alaihissalam), when he went off in anger and thought that We would not decree [anything] upon him. And he called out within the darknesses, “There is no deity except You; exalted are You. Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers.” So We responded to him and saved him from the distress. And thus do We save the believers.

Ayat e Karima Benefits

Reading Ayat e Karima is good since it is a moral and significant verse. Ayat e Karima has many advantages, but these are a few of the most significant ones.

Tawheed (Oneness of God)

In Islam, tawheed is regarded as the most potent deed. All messengers were sent by Allah Ta’ala to disseminate the message of Tawheed across the globe. Our faith can be strengthened and we can be shielded from the sin of shirk by the Kalma e Tawheed.

In order to honor Allah, who is greater than everything else, Tauheed opens the gates of Paradise for us. This prayer is considered the best of all prayers because it gives us a blessed view of Allah for all of humanity.

“La Ilaha IlAllah,” which translates to “There is no God but You” or “There is no one worthy of worship but You,” is the opening line of the Ayat-e-Kareema.

Praise of the Almighty Allah

Moreover, “Anta Subhanaka,” or “Glorified be You,” appears in the second section of the Ayat e Karima. It is common for someone to be praised for their characteristics when you ask them for help or assistance of any type; therefore, when you ask Allah Almighty, you should make it clear that all the glory belongs to Him and only Him.

Allah’s mercy and pleasure

“Inni kuntu Minazalimeen,” which is its third section, indicates that “I am one of the wrongdoers”. This is an essential expression to utilize while requesting help from Allah Ta’ala.

When someone admit they are wrongdoers, they understand the suffering and misfortune that come from their transgressions, which Allah has punished.

As a result, reciting Ayat e Karima will undoubtedly boost the likelihood that the prayer will be accepted, and one will be freed from their concerns and problems.

Forgiveness for Sins

The greatest blessing we have is undoubtedly Allah’s Ayat e Karima, if we want Allah to forgive our sins. Major sins include stealing, robbery, disobedience to parents, and Zina, among others.

No matter how much we have sinned, we should be thankful to Allah for providing such a powerful verse that pardons our wrongdoing.

Solving problems

Allah forgave Yunus (AS) for reciting these verses and commanded the whale to safely evacuate him. Yunus (AS) taught us that Ayat e Kareema has the ability to resolve our earthly issues as well as bring Allah’s satisfaction.

Curing Critically Ill Diseases

We may live a healthy, disability-free life with the support of Ayat e Karima. Life-threatening conditions including diabetes, HIV, cancer, and heart issues can all be cured by it. Daily recitation of this prayer can help cure psychological issues like as depression, stress, and anxiety.

Spiritual Protection and Self-Improvement

We may improve and strengthen our personalities and characters by consistently saying Ayat e Karima. Individuals can overcome societal issues like shyness, low self-worth, confidence, and the inability to make decisions.

It is possible to eradicate black magic and the evil eye. The only solution, though, is repentance because all of these problems are the result of bad intent and go against God’s intention. You must have unwavering faith in Allah SWT and recite Ayat e Karima on a regular basis if someone has initiated magic.

Financial success

If someone is having financial difficulties, then they should perform this Holy Quranic supplication. It will fix all of your financial issues and raise your Rizq overall.

If you firmly believe in Ayat e Karima, it will undoubtedly make it easier for you to get new employment and balance your finances.

Importance and Meaning of Ayat E Karima

One of the most significant verses in the Holy Quran is Ayat e Karima. It is a dua that Prophet Yunus (AS) said while he was within a fish’s belly. The verse has many wonderful qualities. People recite in great numbers for this reason. Some of the most important Ayat e Karima benefits are listed here:

  • It fulfills the person’s right desire.
  • It gets past every obstacle.
  • It resolves the marital problems.
  • Tyrant leaders and adversaries are vanquished and subdued by it.
  • For diseases that are incurable, it is the best treatment.
  • It is a remedy for magic of all kinds.
  • It helps subdue oppressive authorities and adversaries.
  • A person can have their just desire fulfilled.

How to Maximize Your Benefits

Reciting Ayat e Karima a few times is insufficient if you want miracles to happen. Instead of hoping for an instant miracle, it is preferable to cultivate long-term achievement that will secure your success in this life as well as the next one.

Reciting Ayat e Karima might be distracting because we are used to instant gratification. Satan has the ability to infiltrate our faith and drive us away from prosperity and repentance.

A lot of us begin a dua, recitation, or practice, but after a few days we stop. You will develop a habitual thought pattern by repeatedly practicing it. Thus, you need to be consistent and on time if you want to reap the greatest rewards.


Ayat-e-Karima is among the most well-known ayahs in the Quran. Millions of Muslims around the world recite it as a form of prayer.

Therefore, reciting Ayat e Kareema continuously is one of the best ways for a Muslim to obtain rewards from the Almighty Allah or respite from any kind of hardship.

This was the beautiful Dua Of Yunus (AS), the Ayat e Kareema, and its virtues and benefits. Read more Helpful Duas or follow on social media for daily Islamic reminders.

Ayat e Kareema FAQs

How many times to recite Ayat e Karima daily?

There isn’t a set number. It is preferable to recite it once with passion as opposed to ten thousand times in a nonserious manner.

Is wudu necessary for reading Ayat e Kareema?

Indeed, it is possible to say it without wudhu.

What is the purpose of this Ayat e Kareema?

The Ayat e Karima is a prayer to Allah. We praise Allah and provide witness to His unity. In the latter section, we humbly confess our transgressions and wrongdoings. In exchange, Allah’s blessings lessen our (all kinds of) sorrows and afflictions.

How heavy is Ayat e Karima?

Because Ayat e Kareema is considered heavy (Jalali), it is generally advised to restrict the number of times it is recited each day.

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