Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Dua & Meaning

Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Dua & Meaning

An extremely potent ayah from Surah Al-Imran (3:173) of the Glorious Qur’an is Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel. A powerful dua that can dispel worry, anxiety, or dread. Hadees state that for Prophet Ibrahim (may peace be upon him), this Dua was adequate. Are you aware of why this dua has such potency? Let us take this prayer seriously and incorporate it into our everyday lives.

Meaning of Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Dua

Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel dua

Arabic: حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

Transliteration: Hasbunallah wa ni’mal-Wakil
Translation/ Meaning: “Sufficient for us is Allah, and (He is) the best Disposer of affairs.”

Hadith on Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel

Let’s read this Dua in the context of Hadith:

Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “How can I feel at ease when the Angel of the Trumpet, (Israfil) has put his lips to the Trumpet and is waiting for the order to blow it”. He (ﷺ) perceived as if this had shocked his Companions, so he (ﷺ) told them to seek comfort through reciting: ‘Hasbunallah wa ni’mal-Wakil [Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)]“.
[Riyad as-Salihin 4090]

Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) said: When (Prophet) Ibraheem(عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم) was thrown into the fire, he said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and, He is the Best Disposer of affairs.” So did Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (ﷺ), when he was told: “A great army of the pagans had gathered against him, so fear them”. But this (warning) only increased him and the Muslims in Faith and they said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)” – [Al-Bukhari]

It is clear from the wording that Allah is adequate for us. With Allah (SWT) on our side, what more could we possibly need? This is a powerful dua that can help you get over whatever difficulties you may be facing. For a Muslim who feels powerless, is dealing with marital problems, experiencing job ups and downs, fears the enemy, or finds themselves in a predicament where Allah is the only one who can save them.
It makes no difference who opposes you. All you have to do is trust Allah (SWT), and Allah’s help will undoubtedly arrive. One of Allah’s most exquisite names is Al-Wakeel, which translates to “The Disposer of Affairs.”

Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Dua in Quran

This dua is also found in the Quran, as revealed by Allah (swt) in Surah Al Imran in verse 173:

ٱلَّذِينَ قَالَ لَهُمُ ٱلنَّاسُ إِنَّ ٱلنَّاسَ قَدْ جَمَعُوا۟ لَكُمْ فَٱخْشَوْهُمْ فَزَادَهُمْ إِيمَٰنًا وَقَالُوا۟ حَسْبُنَا ٱللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ ٱلْوَكِيلُ

English Translation:

“Those to whom hypocrites said, ‘Indeed, the people have gathered against you, so fear them.’ But it [merely] increased them in faith, and they said, ‘Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs.’”

Benefits Of This Dua

Reciting this dua will have the significant effect of putting an end to your fears and greatly boosting your confidence.

Put all of your faith in Allah (SWT), and all of your challenging tasks will be simple.

All you are doing is expressing your whole faith in Allah and entrusting him with the situation. Allah is sufficient, and we should be content with whatever he decides. Recognize that occasionally Allah might have better plans for us—plans that might even differ greatly from the ones we imagined.

It seems like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders when you submit to Allah’s will and give Him control over your affairs. It is a life-changing spiritual healing touch.

Reciting Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel has many benefits, but you have to have total faith in Allah (SWT). You have to have a strong belief that Allah is enough for us and that we don’t require anyone else.

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