Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022

Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022

Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022: Islam, as discussed many times, is the fastest-growing religion in the world currently. many International celebrities have abandoned their careers in the entertainment industry to follow the path of Islam and 2022 was a year where many celebrities accepted Islam.

In this article, we will be discussing 10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022.

10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022


 10)  Hamza Ali Abbasi:

10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022


Well he’s not a new Muslim per se but he was born a Muslim than for a while he left and was just a straight-up atheist for a while but now he identifies as Muslim again. he is a former Pakistani actor and he is vocal on all topics from politics to religion, to social causes and he spoke up on a sensitive subject in a post in 2022 where he claimed that yes he is Muslim. Hamza Ali Abbasi, said this in the Post: “I’m a Muslim and I believe Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him is the last messenger and prophet of God. the Islam I believe in has no divinely ordained worldly punishment for mocking or insulting God, Islam, and any messenger and prophet of God {peace be upon them all)”.


9) Thomas Partey:

10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022


Thomas Partey is a Ghanaian footballer for Arsenal and he announced that he had changed his name to Yakubu after converting to Islam earlier in the year. speaking to the Ghanaian press, Thomas Partey said that he grew up among Muslims and he took the name Yakubu after marrying his Moroccan Girlfriend.


8) Dr. Mark Thompson:

10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022


He is a senior British researcher who converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Mark C Thompson is the assistant professor of Middle Eastern studies at King Fahd University of petroleum and minerals in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. he embraced Islam in the second week of Ramadan 2022. He tweeted this on April 9, 2022. and I quote:

“This Ramadan night surrounded by my dear friends and brothers I converted to Islam thank God.”


7) Marine El Hemir:



Comes in at number seven, Hemir is a French model and a reality show star. She went viral after she announced that she converted to Islam and says that these moments mark the happiest day of her life. Marine el Hemir, shared photos in a hijab near the Kaaba, Islam’s holiest site in Mecca Saudi Arabia two days after she announced that she had accepted Islam she posted this on Instagram and I quote:

“There are no words

strong enough to express the intensity

of happiness and emotions experienced at

this very moment a spiritual journey

that I hope will continue to uplift and

guide me inshallah”

she also added that this was a choice of Soul, heart, and reason.


6) Open-minded Thinker:


He is a YouTuber and most people know him through his videos talking about and reacting to Islamic videos as well as talking about religion in general. now he runs a YouTube channel that goes by the name of open-minded thinker show and he actually accepted Islam during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. and he took his shahada with one of the world’s most famous Islamic scholars Dr. Zakir Naik himself. he uploaded a video of him taking the shahada and switching his religion on his YouTube channel. and his followers shared praise and a lot of surprising reactions to his video of him accepting Islam.


5) Clarence Seedorf:

10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022


Comes in next he’s a superstar Dutch footballer and he announced that he actually converted to Islam in 2022. the former AC Milan Real Madrid and Ajax midfielder, announced on his Instagram profile saying this

“a special thanks to

all the nice messages and celebrations of

me joining the Muslim family. I’m very

happy and pleased to join all of the

brothers and sisters around the world.

especially my adorable wife Sophia who

has taught me more in-depth about the

meaning of Islam. I didn’t change my name

I will continue to carry my name as

given by my parents Clarence Seedorf. I’m

sending all my love to everyone in the



4) Sabarimala Jayakanthan:

10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022


She’s a prominent Indian motivational speaker as well as a social activist and she converted to Islam. she arrived in Makkah to perform umrah, the optional pilgrimage in Islam, and while standing in front of the Kaaba in the grand mosque in Mecca she shared a video on social media announcing that she converted to Islam. following her conversion, she changed her name to Fatima Sabarimala. regarding her decision to embrace her new religion, this is what she said in her own words:

“I asked myself

why I was so hostile to Muslims and that

is how I started reading the Quran with

an open mind I understand the truth and

now I love Islam.”


3) Dutchavelli:

10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022


He is a British rapper and hip-hop artist born Stephen fabulous Allen. but he’s better known by his stage name Dutchavelli. he converted to Islam also after being influenced by the teachings of the religion he decided to accept Islam and become a Muslim. there’s a video that is circulating on social media where it shows Dutchavelli taking his shahada to embrace Islam. the rapper also shared the viral clip on his Instagram stories to confirm the news and fans flocked to the comment section to extend their congratulations to him.


2) Morgan Freeman:

10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022


Everybody’s making posts that Morgan Freeman has accepted Islam. Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman he has been in the Limelight ever since he attended the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. since then rumors spread that Morgan Freeman in fact embraced Islam. Morgan’s inclination towards different Fates and different religious practices is definitely something that is well known and he’s done various different programs on different occasions attempting to explore the different religions, Islam included. however, the hopes and wishes of many Muslims around the world actually were shattered after Miss an independent Arabic fact-checking platform investigated Morgan Freeman’s conversion to Islam and found out that it was fake. but many Muslims believe that Morgan Freeman may be embraced Islam in secret or is leaning towards embracing it. the platform quoted the ACT actor has not announced converting to Islam and also no reliable media outlet has reported on the news so as it stands Morgan Freeman is not Muslim but is that yet to be determined.


1) Andrew Tate:

Andrew Tate conversion to Islam. Who is Andrew Tate

British American kickboxer and highly controversial influencer Andrew Tate who was banned from all social media Platforms in 2022 has converted to Islam.

Andrew Tate previously described Islam as the last true religion in the world and he has now confirmed that he is Muslim himself after a video of him praying in a mosque went viral all over the Internet. Andrew Tate is a self-proclaimed success coach and he announced this on one of his only social media accounts that he still had active

and he said this and I quote :

“This Is Why I’m Muslim any Christian who

believes in good and understands a true

battle against evil must convert. so be

patient. indeed Allah’s promise is truth.

and that passage is quoted from the

Quran Surah 30 verses 60.


This was a look at 10 Famous celebrities Who Accepted Islam In 2022, a lot of people know these guys around the world. one of them still has a big question mark beside their name as well as one was Muslim and then left and then came back but either way, there was a whole lot of talk in 2022 about Islam and I’m curious to know what you people think about anything that was shared in this article. did I forget anybody on this list? if you do know others who have accepted Islam but didn’t make this list, mention down below. if you enjoyed this article and found it informative in any way, Read more Islamic Blogs or Follow us on social media for daily Islamic reminders.

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