Keeping Cats in Islam: The Most Clean Pet

Keeping Cats in Islam: The Most Clean Pet

Keeping Cats in Islam: Some Muslims refer to cats as “the classic pet.” Because of their tenderness, company, or sheer cuteness, we might want to keep them. Did you know that Islam also permits to keep cats? Islam encourages us to have compassion for all creatures, including both people and animals, but especially cats. The reverence of cats has always existed in Islamic tradition.


Why do Muslims own cats so commonly?


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) not only preached this to Muslims but also exemplified it by showing mercy to all of Allah’s creations. Many Muslims throughout his time embraced and welcomed cats into their homes as a result of his constant kindness toward cats.


Prophet and his pet cat


The Prophet, like many of us, had a favorite cat. She went by the name Muezza, and there is a well-known tale about the two of them. When the call to prayer was made at one point, Muezza was dozing off on one of the Prophet’s robes. The Prophet chopped off a portion of his sleeve to save Muezza’s sleep so as not to disturb it. The Prophet was known to show Muezza a tonne of love during his entire life.


Are Cats hygienic?


Since cats are such tame and innocent creatures, they are considered to be “one of those that move around amongst us” (Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Authentic narratives claim that one can do ablution for prayer using the same water that a cat drank. That’s how clean they are.

However, this is assuming that the cat’s mouth is clean and free of any obvious contaminants.


What lessons does Islam provide to cat owners?


Muslims are free to coexist with cats, but they must treat them nicely. Cats should be given ample food, drink, and free time to roam. They must have access to freedom of movement.


Because cats are revered and adored in Islam, mistreating them is considered a grave sin. Al-Bukhari cited a hadith about a woman who kept her cat in a cage and wouldn’t give it food. According to the Prophet, “suffering and Hell will be her punishment on the Day of Judgment.”

In the end, cats bring a lot of sunnah and blessings into the house. Many contemporary Muslims are aware of this and follow the Prophet’s example. It is a well-known fact that dogs are frequently mistreated in our society, but let’s all keep this in mind and aspire to the Prophet’s deeds.


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