Spanish Footballer Jota Peleteiro Converts to Islam

Spanish Footballer Jota Peleteiro Converts to Islam

Jota Peleteiro Converts to Islam: Jota Peleteiro’s life has changed significantly by 180 degrees. The former football player Jota Peleteiro converted to Islam, surprising everyone, including his ex-partner Jessica Bueno, with whom he has two children. The channel Al-Qabas is the one who posted a video on his Instagram account expressing the former player’s happiness with his choice to embrace a culture that Jota Peleteiro is aware of thanks to his friend, Kuwaiti friend Faisal Buresli.

Jote Peleteiro went to Kuwait last week to complete the process of converting to Islam. A year ago, during his first visit to Buresli—whom he described as a “friend, business partner, and brother”—Peleteiro started to consider the proposal.

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“Welcome to Islam, brother”, “May Allah shower you with baraka [divine protection] and happiness. What a great blessing to return to your creator one month after the long awaited Ramadan “,” may Allah keep your heart firm in Islam and reward you with good” are some of the phrases that Peleteiro hears in the mentioned video.

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However, who is the important figure in Jota Peleteiro’s conversion to Islam?

39-year-old Kuwaiti-born Faisal Buresli has played football professionally, just as Jota. He has played football for several Saudi Arabian teams throughout his career, and his country.

But those were the times when his biggest fantasy was to don his boots and take to the pitch; he retired from the game after suffering an accident just under 30 years ago. Nevertheless, he has never given up on sports and is now committed to the business world.

Jota Peleteiro’s friend is the executive director of his own high-performance and sports training facility. his Linkedin profile says “Our mission is simple: we want to help our clients to live better and stronger and bring your body to its full potential regardless of body type or physical condition. Together we will take care of your health and your well-being to make a positive difference in your life”

Though he hasn’t shared much about his personal life on social media, he has displayed his closeness and lovely connection with Jota Peleteiro, whom he refers to as his “best friend.”

One of his most recent releases, in fact, is a carousel of pictures featuring him with Jessica Bueno’s ex—a person he met at a 2013 US event—taken during a journey that fundamentally altered his life.

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According to Pew data Centre data, Islam is the religion with the fastest rate of global population growth. Between 2015 and 2060, the number of Muslims is expected to increase at a rate more than double that of the global population.

“…it is Allah Who guides whoever He wills, and He knows best who are ˹fit to be˺ guided” [Quran 28:56]

This was all about Jota Peleteiro’s revert to Islam. May Allah guide him on the right path. stay updated on the Latest News and Articles. Or follow us on social media for daily Islamic reminders.

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