How to Stop Zina in Islam? 9 Effective Tips to Avoid committing Zina

how to stop zina in islam

What is Zina in Islam?

The benefits of Nikah have been discussed numerous times. The Nikah has been regarded as one of Allah’s greatest bounties and a means by which people can find comfort in their lovers. With someone you love, nikah may make life simple. Today, however, we’ll discuss How to Stop Zina. In Islam, Zina is regarded as one of the most formidable foes of the Halal Nikah. Its rank has been reduced by Allah, who now considers it to be one of the most heinous sins. Even though the majority of Muslims in the area are aware of this, they nonetheless succumb to worldly allures.

Islamically speaking, Zina is not only destructive to the individual, but it also presents a serious threat to society as a whole. Zina is to blame for making it more difficult for the person who uses it to function physically, emotionally, socially, and monetarily. so knowing How to Stop Zina becomes important for you and society.

Meaning of Zina?

Zina is the willing engagement in unlawful sexual activity with a partner who is not your spouse. Nikah severely enforces obedience for both men and women to keep their chastity only for the benefit of their spouses and to be devoted to them. Zina is the modern equivalent of adultery.

 Zina in Islam?

Allah mentions a number of characteristics that He believes are essential for His loyal believers in Surat-ul-Furqan. The three most serious sins that a person should avoid are Zina, shirk, and homicide, according to the same Surah. According to Allah, those who commit these sins will face severe retribution on the Day of Judgment.

“And those of the Most Merciful’s servants who never invoke another god alongside Allah, kill a soul that Allah has sanctified unless it is justified, or engage in Zina. And anyone who should engage in any of that will receive the full punishment. On the Day of the Resurrection, his punishment will be multiplied, and he will remain there humiliated.” [Al-Furqan 25:68-69]

Therefore, in order to live a fulfilling life, every Muslim has a responsibility to follow what has been proclaimed as right and what has been stated as wrong and know How to Stop Zina and prevent it.

How to Stop Zina according to Islam?

Despite Zina’s horribleness, a person is frequently drawn to it due to its many temptations. These include the temptation of Satan as well as the evil in every man’s soul. Because of this, it is vital that the person take all required precautions to provide protection from evil. Here are some tips on How to stop Zina:

1) Remember Allah

Allah must constantly be invoked by a believer with the heart and words. The one authentic source and best defense against Satan are found in this.

“Keep Allah in mind often if you want to succeed.” 62:10 in Al-Jumuah

“We appoint a devil who becomes his close companion for anyone who is blinded from the memory of the Merciful.” Al-Zukhruf Chapter 43:36

how to stop zina according to islam

2) Be Mindful of His Presence

Additionally, remembering Allah involves constantly being conscious of His proximity and presence.

“We surely have created the human being and know what his soul whispers to him and We are closer to him than his jugular vein.” [Qaf 50:16]

3) Remember the Punishment of Zina

It’s important to keep in mind that Allah is the most powerful and that He has the authority to punish those who sin, and that punishment will be harsh and terrible.

“Say, Indeed I fear, if I should disobey my Lord, the punishment of a great Day.” [Al-Anam 6:15]

‘But as for him who fears the position of His Lord and prevents the soul from unlawful inclinations, then indeed, Jannah will be his abode.”
[An-Naziat 70:40-41]

4) Pray for Protection against Zina

How can anyone forget that the best defense against Zina is prayer, both with the lips and the heart?

“Recite what has been revealed to you of the Book, and establish prayer. Indeed, prayer prevents from depravity and wrongdoing; and the remembrance of Allah is greater. Allah knows that which you do.”

[29:45 in Al-Ankabut]

5) Fasting

tip to prevent zina in islam

Fasting is an effective way to physically restrain one’s urges for sexual activity. The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) recommended the same for young men for whom marriage was expensive.

“Young men, let he who can afford marriage marry because it lowers the gaze and protects chastity, and let him who cannot afford it fast since fasting is a suppression for him of desire.”

Al-Bukari, Muslim, among others, recorded this.

As a result, the Muslims will be able to avoid having Haram thoughts about Zina and lead a better life if they remember, revere, and fear Allah.

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6) Counselling

You might be addicted based on how you are exposed to haram things in this world and on the internet. Please choose a culturally aware counselor who can assist you in finding solutions to your problems.

7) Repentance

“The one who repents from sin is like the one who never sinned,” the Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace) stated. By Ibn Majah

Please follow through on your apology. Please improve the way you live so that doing good is simpler than doing bad. Put protections in place. Change who you hang out with. Help people who are in need. Make shukr and consider your blessings.

8) Prayer

Please get back to praying every day. Making this link with Allah brings blessings and protection.

Please remember to offer the prayers you missed once you have resumed your usual prayer schedule.

Perform the Prayer of Need to express your need for Allah’s assistance. Know that Allah loves you and desires only the best for you forever.

9) Marriage

Give marriage some serious thought once enough time has passed. How do you envision yourself as a wife/ husband? What sort of husband/wife are you looking for? Marriage is the permanent solution to the habit of Zina.

These were some tips on How to Stop Zina. We suggest you read some Quran or Duas available on this website to freshen your iman.

FAQs on Zina

Q. How to repent for Zina (Adultery)?

Ans. To repent for Zina, you must:

1. Never lose hope in Allah’s kindness;

2. Have real repentance from the heart; and

3. pray to Allah the Almighty to deliver you from Hell and grant you paradise in reward for your penitence and good works.

Q. Is kissing Zina in Islam?

Ans. Kissing outside marriage is a sin, a sin which leads to Zina (adultery).

Q. Will Allah forgive us for Zina?

Ans. If someone offers true repentance, Allah will forgive Zina. “The one who repents from sin is like the one who did not sin,” the Prophet Muhammad said. Allah is the most merciful. Allah’s mercy surpassed his wrath.

Q. How can Zina be forgiven?

Ans. Zina (Adultery) is without a doubt a serious sin in Islam, and one should stay far away from it and know how to stop Zina. However, if one really repents by regretting what they have done and resolving to never engage in such a sin again in the future, then they are unquestionably capable of receiving forgiveness from the Almighty Allah for such a transgression.

Allah Almighty said, “O servants of Mine who have acted recklessly against their own selves, do not despair of Allah’s mercy. Surely, Allah will forgive all sins. Surely, He is the One who is the Most-Forgiving, the Very-Merciful” (Quran 39:53).

It is not necessary to tell others about your prior sin when you have truly repented.

“All the children of Adam are sinful and the best of sinners are those who repent” (Tirmidhi, Musnad Ahmad)

Q. Is Zina shirk?

Ans. Zina indeed is a horrible sin. But shirk (associating partners with God) is the worst sin in Islam. so no, Zina is not a shirk but one of the worst sins. and every one of us should know how to stop Zina.

Q. How to save yourself from Zina?

Ans. The above-mentioned points in this article are enough to guide you to save yourself from Zina and get to know how to stop Zina.

Q. What is the punishment of Zina according to Quran?

Ans. In accordance with the Qur’an’s chapter 24 punishment for Zina is: unmarried males and females who engage in adultery will receive a hundred lashes in addition to the Sunnah’s punishment of being stoned to death for married males and females.

Q. Can I Marry my Zina partner?

Ans. First of all, Zina is a big sin and we should learn how to stop/avoid Zina instead of thinking about the aftermath. But in the worst-case scenario, the question arises that if a man committed Zina with a woman, can he marry her?

The technical answer is that

1) If they both repent sincerely then this can be possible.

2) Secondly, they need to make sure that the woman is not pregnant

3) Thirdly, the woman needs to ask for his father’s permission for the marriage.

But is this advisable?

You need to look into his/her character, your compatibility, whether s/he will be a good husband/wife, and whether can s/he commit Zina again and again. so you need to look into this before making a decision.

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