Establishing the Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact

Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact

In today’s World order scenario, it seems more sensible to establish Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact so that Islamic countries can grow in peace and help each other in crisis. The states were unable to adopt a new security paradigm once the post-Cold War security paradigm collapsed. Widespread turmoil was brought on by occupations, income disparities, refugee migration, and displaced persons. Everything about the situation is reminiscent of the pre-World War I period. Both the big powers and the nation-states are annoyed by this predicament. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are examples of nations that can take security steps. For reasons of security, the majority of Islamic nations must continue their dependent relationships. The most susceptible nations in a potential anarchy scenario still appear to be Muslim nations. That’s why an Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact can be a great idea.

Recently, the Islamic world, African, and South American nations have taken notice of Turkey’s changes in its security paradigm and its capacity to deal with powerful powers or engage in equal-footing negotiations. These nations have developed a subconscious alliance with Turkey and realized there are parallels between their future and Turkey’s fate.

Such symbolic worth is shaped in part by Turkey’s historical past. The leadership effect is another element contributing to Turkey’s positive perception. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan elevates the symbolic significance of a great Turkey by inspiring all downtrodden people in the instability of the post-Cold War era.

The effort made by Turkey is crucial for its interests. However, no nation on earth exists in isolation. And alliances enable states to coexist. When Turkey was serving as the OIC’s acting president a few years ago, it should have established a nonaggression treaty (OIC). The president of Qatar recently extended a comparable invitation to Turkey and Iran, which prompts us to talk about the Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact.

Middle Eastern, African, and Asian nations had the chance to become independent after World War II since England and France had become weaker and had lost their colonial dominance. We are in a similar environment now. African, Asian, and Middle Eastern nations are becoming less influenced by the West. The colonialists’ direct and indirect effects are negligible. The influence of Western states has declined over time.

The United States, the contemporary border of the West, has never been able to establish order in the nations it has intervened in or to carry out a program effectively from beginning to end in this regard. The situations in Afghanistan and Iraq are catastrophes. The United States invades, demolishes everything, overthrows the established orders, is unable to create a new order, and leaves behind material and moral wreckage, leaving the people who backed them in the nation to face their fates. These are nightmare scenarios for all the states.

Islamic nation-state conflicts make it easier for Western states to influence and occupy these nations. Iran and Saudi Arabia currently perceive one another as dangerous. Although relations between Iran and Turkey appear to be more amicable, there is still competition for regional dominance. India is a source of issues for Pakistan. Since their founding, the Gulf nations have been situated in Saudi Arabia’s interior. They nearly got involved in a fight during the Qatar crisis a few years ago. Both the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the American occupation were unsuccessful. In the majority of African nations, there are issues with administration and stability. This list could be increased.

Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact
OIC Member States

The stronger Muslim governments could band together in this situation and establish an Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact as a preliminary thought. Turkish states can take part in this process because they are in a pretty safe environment.

Libya recently went through a civil war and was on the verge of dissolution. Five Muslim nations took a stance against Turkey. In the absence of Turkey’s assertive posture, Libya might currently be Syria. There would have been an invasion by numerous Western nations, and the death toll in Libya would have persisted for another 50 years.

Many people may find the concept of an Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact unpleasant at first. Because Westerners have shaped the global order and security architecture for 200 years. Due to internal security issues, Muslim countries have been occupied, exploited, or manipulated by Westerners. A similar agreement would allow Muslims to feel less threatened by one another, allowing them to put themselves further away from the negative consequences of Westerners.

One thing to keep in mind is that for the majority of history, Asia has governed the world. Additionally, for 400 years, the Ottoman state was closely integrated into the European system.

Today’s society needs a new system of justice and compassion because the traditional security paradigms that existed before the Cold War failed. The needs of contemporary civilizations for security and well-being must be met by the new world order, and it must be consistent with the advanced human mind.

It no longer appears that Europe can create such a new system. For such a move, Muslims must take the initiative. Because such ideals only grow in secure circumstances, the establishment of the Islamic Countries Nonaggression Pact may also mark the start of the third Muslim Renaissance.

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