Islamic View on Lab-Grown Meat | Prophet’s Hadith coming true

Islamic View on Artificial Meat

Now the world will follow a new policy. A new rule, which has been approved by America again. Since all the products humans consume are made mostly in Labs or in artificial ways, we will now also have artificial meat. how can we be sure of that? brothers and sisters, recently the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the first lab-grown meat in America for their consumers. (Reference: CNN) is this approach truly healthy for us? can we truly take this as in our best interests? what is the Islamic View on Lab-Grown Meat?

Brothers and sisters, many countries are now in pursuit of achieving the same. they want to delude meat in Labs such as beef chicken and anything related to it. the artificial meat will only have the taste and flavors of meat but inside they would only have fat grown in Labs. brothers and sisters, this is just a glimpse of the coming future because in no time all countries will start to implement these practices. their claim is that this is only meant to control food consumption. however, if we see this clearly, then the need for raising cattle, sheep, and goats will be no longer. scientists would just take cells from the animals. through cellular formation, they can grow artificial Meats. is this a solution for sparing animals from slaughtering or a new way of killing them? because no one will want to raise goats camels and cows, since everything will be produced in Labs.

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We are not talking only about meat now. we see nowadays that almost every food item is grown and made artificially. this includes vegetables, fruits using fertilizers and chemicals, and Dairy items such as milk, cheese, and bread. now the labs and authorities have all the control on us. so what will happen when the same Labs stop producing these products? this situation will actually be a nightmare for us. but this same situation will occur too according to the Islamic books and Hadith. we find many texts that are an indication that this time it is found to be the end of times. does this mean that the last day of Earth is also near? we do not know the time and date of when that will occur. but it is one of the hadith of Allah’s messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). this authentic Hadith is found in Sunan Ibn Majah 4077. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) speaks of the signs of that day. he says:-

All cloven-hoofed animals will die, except those that Allah wills.’ It was said: ‘What will the people live on at that time?’ He said: ‘Tahlil, Takbir, Tasbih and Tahmid. That will take the place of food for them.'” Abu ‘Abdullah (Ibn Majah) said: “I heard Abul-Hasan Tanafisi say: ‘I heard ‘Abdur-Rahman Al-Muharibi say: “This Hadith should be sent to every teacher so that they can teach it to the children in the schools.”

Sunan Ibn Majah 4077

As many of the predictions have turned out to be true in our times, this prediction will also become real one day. only substitute of the food for us that time will just be the remembrance of Allah at that time.

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Is Lab-Grown Artificial Meat Halal?

Knowing the source of meat and eating halal is very crucial for every Muslim. With the rise of science and technology and new food products, it becomes important to analyze these alternatives whether they are halal or haram. until now this Lab-grown meat has only been available in labs, they are not available readily in markets. Muslim scholars are still studying the issue of whether is Lab-Grown Artificial Meat Halal, before they come to a conclusion and issue a fatwa.

This was all about the Islamic View on Lab-Grown Meat and how the Prophet (SAW)’s Hadith is coming true. Read more Islamic Blogs or follow us on social media for Islamic reminders.

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