French Model and Actor Marine El Himer converts to Islam


Marine El Himer, a reality TV personality and model from France, revealed her conversion to Islam and expressed her happiness.

Marine just converted to Islam but did not announce it until Wednesday, November 2.

Marine El Himer posted pictures of herself wearing the hijab near the Kaaba in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, on Instagram with around 1.5 million followers. She also published a video showing how to pronounce the shahadat in a mosque.

El Himer, who recently converted to Islam, said under her post, “These moments show the most beautiful days of my life.”


El Himer thanked her supporters for their support and expressed her hope that the spiritual path she has chosen will always bring her to Allah.

El Himer stressed that she chose Islam again as a result of finding peace in her mind, heart, and soul to emphasise that converting to another religion is nothing to be embarrassed of.

The news of Marine El Himer’s conversion was warmly received and discussed by many of her supporters, who offered their congratulations and expressed their joy at the development.

Oceane and Marine El Himer, twin sisters who were born in July 1993 in Bordeaux, southern France, are of Moroccan and Egyptian ancestry.

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