Did Rapper NLE Choppa convert to Islam?

Did Rapper NLE Choppa convert to Islam

Recently, NLE Choppa was spotted engaging in Islamic Prayer (Salah) in Dubai with Money Kicks. Fans believe NLE Choppa has made the significant decision to convert to Islam. But whats the truth? Did NLE Choppa convert to Islam?

Who is Money Kicks?

Money Kicks, also known as Rashed Belhasa (or the Dubai’s richest Teenager) is a YouTuber and son of a rich business mogul.

Belhasa has grown up surrounded by wealth; his father, construction business tycoon Saif Belhasa, is among the most prosperous businessmen in the United Arab Emirates.

When he started uploading videos on YouTube in 2013, he amassed thousands of fans by flaunting his opulent lifestyle, which included friends with celebrities and an enormous collection of shoes valued at millions of dollars.

Logan Paul, who trained Belhasa in Dubai prior to his debut, became interested in the YouTube fighter during his brief career.

On yesterday, 15 November, Money Kicks (@moneykicks971) posted a video on TikTok showing the popular rapper NLE Choppa praying. Money Kicks also gifted a Quran to NLE Choppa saying that he wanted to share the culture of Dubai with the artist. He wrote:

So proud of you my brother @NLE choppa 💜 believing in one god alhamdulilah may you be guided to the right path. Big respect 🤲🏽❤️ #fyp #dubai #nlechoppa #moneykicks #islam

@moneykicks971 So proud of you my brother @NLE choppa 💜 believing in one god alhamdulilah may you be guided to the right path. Big respect 🤲🏽❤️ #fyp #dubai #nlechoppa #moneykicks #islam ♬ the way of the tears – a‘

Fans started appreciating and congratulating him, but has NLE Choppa converted to Islam really?

Who is NLE Choppa?

Rapper Bryson LaShun Potts, originally from Memphis, Tennessee, is better known by his stage name NLE Choppa (formerly YNR Choppa). He was born on November 1, 2002. His 2019 hit song “Shotta Flow” launched him to popularity; it peaked in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum by the RIAA. December of that year saw the publication of his debut extended play (EP), Cottonwood, which featured the song.

August 2020 saw the release of NLE Choppa’s Top Shotta, his first studio album. It featured the singles “Camelot” and “Walk Em Down” (with Roddy Ricch), both of which climbed in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, and it peaked in the top ten of the US Billboard 200.

Has NLE Choppa converted to Islam?

The video seems quite promising, but it seems like NLE Choppa was only learning to pray the Islamic way. He hasn’t issued any statement or posted any video which confirms that he has converted to Islam. It might be that he is still exploring before he makes that beautiful decision and takes his Shahada. Fans are praying for his inclusion in the fold of Islam.

On 17th November, he addressed his fans by saying:

I believe God Lives Within All Of Us, I Believe In Prayer, I believe In Faith, Karma, And Discipline. My Religion is Undecided But I Know Living Within These Principles I’m On The Right PATH! But To The Muslims Across The World ESPECIALLY In The Middle East My Respect Has Grew To Another Level ! The Islam Culture Is United & Striving! This Is A Message To Show APPRECIATION, Thank You For Treating Me Like A BROTHER 🤲🏼 Religious Or Not We Are All ONE, YOU ARE ME, I AM YOU.. Let’s Treat Each Other In This Manner And The World A Be A Better PLACE ☮️

– NLE Choppa

Whatever happens in the Life journey of NLE Choppa, let’s pray for the good and he may find the light of Islam and follow the path of righteousness.

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