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Islam's etiquette is the subject of this quiz.

Islam's teachings serve as a mercy and a means of healing for the human soul, and it strongly encourages traits like humility, sincerity, patience, and compassion. Islam forbids arrogance and self-righteousness as well because only Almighty Allah is the judge of human righteousness.

Islam emphasizes the link between belief and deeds. People have free choice, and one's acts and deeds are the true test of one's religion. It has offered direction in all area of life, including personal hygiene, business ethics, and social structure and politics. Islam is inextricably linked to social, political, and economic life since religion offers moral direction for every decision a person makes.

What do Muslims say when thanking someone?

How should we treat our children?

How do Muslims greet each other?

Is visiting the sick and the ailing considered as a right over others in Islam?

What do Muslims say when assuring someone or intending to do something in the future?

What is the mannerism of treating neighbors in Islam?

What is the mannerism of brotherhood taught by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

What do Muslims say before beginning to do anything?

What do Muslims say when hearing good news?

How did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) instruct the Muslims to treat animals and other living beings?

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