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Islamic History

Welcome to Islamic History Quiz

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This quiz about Islamic history examines the religion's beginnings.

Islam is an Arabic word that derives from the words 'salm' and 'silm', which both signify to submit one's will to Allah, the Almighty God. Islam is, in essence, the acquisition of tranquility via submitting your will to Allah, the Exalted. Anyone who gives their will to Allah—the All-Powerful God—is a Muslim.

Many people believe that Islam is a young religion that was just developed 1400 years ago, and that its founder was the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Let us be clear that Islam is not the name of some novel religion that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) initially introduced. In fact, it began with the first Human, Adam (a.s.)

What does the religion of Islam preach?

What does the Quran mention about the use of force to spread the religion?

What is the meaning of Islam?

When did Islam come into existence?

Who is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

What was the first article of the constitution laid down by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the inhabitants of Madinah?

According to Islam, which scripture was revealed to Prophet Moses (PBUH)?

What is the calendar which Muslims use?

Who was the first Caliph after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

Which verse best describes the religious harmony, religious freedom and religious tolerance of Islam in the Holy Quran?

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