UFC Fighter Royce Gracie Converts to Islam

UFC Fighter Royce Gracie Converts to Islam

The UFC Champion and UFC legend, Royce Gracie converts to Islam, and has recently drawn notice for his conversion to Islam. Social media fans of the UFC are debating about Royce Gracie’s conversion to Islam.

As the UFC Champion, Royce Gracie is recognized for his proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and is acknowledged for having transformed the mixed martial arts (MMA) scene. Gracie is descended from a family with a history in MMA and BJJ. Since his recent commitment to Islam, Gracie’s influence on the sport is clear and has become a topic of concern for many.

Who is Royce Gracie?

Royce Gracie is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter from Brazil. Due to his accomplishments in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Gracie became well-known. He is regarded as one of the most significant figures in mixed martial arts (MMA) history, a member of the Gracie family in jiu-jitsu, and a UFC Hall of Famer. He has won three UFC championships. Mixed martial arts were transformed by Royce Gracie’s success in the UFC and popularized Gracie jiu-jitsu, now known as Brazilian jiu-jitsu. now he is again in headlines as has Royce Gracie accepted Islam.

Royce Gracie converts to Islam

After meeting with Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq, an Islamic scholar based in Chicago, and Eddie Redzovic, the founder of Team Redzovic, Royce Gracie’s conversion to Islam became official.

In the course of this conversation, Gracie formally converted to Islam. This surprise conversion was caused by a social media post he made ten days previously in which he supported Israel in its genocide of Palestine, provoking strong criticism from the Muslim community.

Royce Gracie Took the Shahada

The Shahada is the primary proclamation of faith that a person uses to declare their belief in the existence of only one God (Allah) and to accept Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as His messenger.

The statement is known as the Shahada, which means “I bear witness that there is no God except Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”

Royce Gracies’s View of Islam

Gracie discussed his opinions on Palestine, Islam, and his impending trip to Mecca in a YouTube video that was uploaded on The Deen Show Tv. He said, “I don’t drink. I don’t eat pork.”, that already aligns with Islamic beliefs.

Gracie added, “I got let my beard grow,” in reference to his growing beard. “Yeah, it looks good. No, it’s in fad nowadays, right?” However, one of the hosts responded, saying, “As a Muslim, you don’t have to have a beard. It is a waj. It’s an obligation. The prophet ordered it. But the core of what makes a Muslim is your belief, what we call a belief.”

Royce Gracie’s Views Regarding Palestine

Royce Gracie offered his opinion on the state of affairs in Palestine. He acknowledged the deaths in Gaza, particularly among children and civilians, and expressed sympathy for all the victims impacted by the genocide. He expressed worry about the violence and emphasized how crucial it is to protect innocent people.

Gracie also dispelled any misunderstandings regarding his opinions on the dispute. He clarified that even if he might be against certain factions, this does not imply animosity towards any particular community or group.

Royce Gracie Visiting Mecca

When Royce Gracie accepted the shahada, he acknowledged that there is only one Allah, acknowledged Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and other messengers including Moses, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus  (PBUT). Then he said,

“That’s it. That is… I can go to Mecca now. Now you can go to Mecca. We’re going. We’re going to do your testimony, and then we’re going to go to Mecca together. How’s that? We got to go to Mecca one day. We’ll do it in… Insha’Allah.”

This statement marks a turning point in his life as well as his acceptance of Islamic principles and practices. His excitement for the pilgrimage shows how committed he is to his newly discovered religion, Islam.

This was all about Royce Gracie Converts to Islam. May Allah guide him on the right path. stay updated on the Latest News and Articles. Or follow us on social media for daily Islamic reminders.

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