How to Know Allah loves you: Signs of Allah’s love

How to Know Allah loves you

How to Know Allah loves you?


This is a frequent question among individuals who aim to win Allah’s (SWT) favor and finally gain entry to Jannah, that How to Know Allah loves you? Undoubtedly, as it relates to the ghayb (concealed), there is no precise test that we may employ to determine whether Allah (SWT) loves a slave. To determine if we are among those He loves, we only rely on signals from Allah’s (SWT) ayat.

If you find yourself referencing Allah constantly in your thoughts and deeds


This can be a signal. Allah (SWT) is quoted as saying in a Hadith Qudsi, ‘If my slave mentions me to himself I mention him to myself ’.  We can accomplish this in a variety of ways, as our beloved Prophet(PBUH) instructed us. Making Adhkaar (words of memory) is required for this.

If you adhere to Allah (SWT)’s holy book


Reciters are speaking the words of their Lord every time they recite the Qur’an since it is the direct discourse of Allah (SWT). When Allah (SWT) loves you, He will make it simple for you to learn, recite, and apply His book in a sincere manner. if you truly care about the people Allah (SWT) cares about. As an instance, consider the anbiya, shuhadaa, and righteousness of His slaves among angels and people. Read the lives of those who demonstrated Allah’s (SWT) love, such as Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), among others. In reference to the Hereafter, Rasulullah (SAW) said, “A person shall be among those whom he loves.” The same goes for your companions and friends.

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You will find it simple to perform deeds of ibada that is typically not done by most people thanks to Allah (SWT).


In essence, you increase your reward while also improving the state of your soul for the satisfaction of your God (Allah). When you perform ibada with honest intentions, with fear of Allah (SWT), and hope for Him, Allah (SWT) gives you an insatiable need for more.

If your spirit seems to be under constant criticism,


The nafsil-lawwama is beneficial to the slave of Allah (SWT) in this world, not in the hereafter. This indicates that you are making up for your wrong deeds before the day of reckoning arrives. It is desirable for us not to be under anybody who Allah says  ‘…and shaytaan has beautified for them their evil deeds…’ [surat an Nahl 63] may Allah (SWT) safeguard us.

No matter how many good deeds you have performed, you will not feel protected from Allah (SWT)’s wrath.  This is so that you won’t assume that Allah (SWT) has accepted them. You can use it to purify your intentions because we all agree that the best deeds are those carried out with the right intent and following the correct protocol.

Al-Mujeeb [The Answerer] is Allah. For everything, even his love, we should pray. The direction of Rasulullah is the greatest (SAW). The following dua was taught to us by him:

“Allahumma inna nas’aluka hubbak, wa hubba man yuhibbuk. Wa hubba `amalin yuqarribuna ila hubbik”

(Oh Allah I ask you for your love, and the love of those whom you love, and the love of those actions which will bring me closer to your love).

How to Know Allah loves you

As pious Muslims, we always ponder How to Know Allah loves you. so these are some of the signs of “How to Know Allah loves you”. Read Islamic Blogs or Follow us on social media for daily Islamic reminders.

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