Signs of Qiyamah (Day of Judgement) in Islam | Major and Minor

signs of qiyamah day of judgment

The events that will take place before to the Resurrection and serve as indicators that the Day of Judgment is rapidly approaching are known as the signs of Qiyamah (Day of Judgment) . There are major signs and minor signs among them.

The Signs of Qiyamah (Day of Judgment)

The events that will take place before to the Resurrection and serve as indicators that it is approaching are known as the portents and signs of the Qiyamah (Day of Resurrection). They were separated into major and minor indicators.

Most of the less significant indications will manifest well before the Resurrection starts. Some of them have already occurred and are over; others have appeared and are in progress; still others have not yet occurred but will do so as the true one (the Prophet; peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has predicted.

There are several smaller indicators of the Hour, and they are frequently referenced in sahih ahadith. There is not enough space to quote the ahadith here, so we shall list them all together without doing so. For anyone who are interested in learning more about this subject and the proof for these indications, we will provide referrals to reliable works on the subject.

signs of qiyamah day of judgment

Minor Signs of Qiyamah (Day of Judgment)


The following are some of the minor signs of Qiyamah:

1) The Prophet’s sending (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

2. The death of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

3. The capturing of Jerusalem.

4. The ‘Amwas (Emmaus) epidemic, which affected the Palestinian city.

5. The abundance of wealth and absence of need for charity.

6. The emergence of fitan (tribulations). The slaying of ‘Uthman (may Allah be pleased with him), the battle of the camel and the battle of Siffin, the advent of the Khawarij, the battle of al-Harrah, and the belief that the Quran is a creation were among the trials that befell Islam in its early years.

7. The rise of prophetic pretenders like the liar Musaylimah and al-Aswad al-‘Anasi.

9. A decline in faith. People’s concerns being entrusted to individuals who are unqualified or incapable of handling them is one of the signs of a loss of trust.

10. The loss of knowledge and the spread of ignorance; according to al-Sahihayn, the loss of knowledge will come with the extinction of the scholars.

11. Increase of zina (adultery, fornication)

12. The growth of riba (usury, interest)

13. The widespread use of musical instruments.

14. Widespread alcohol consumption

15. Shepherds participating in the building of tall buildings.

16. According to al-Sahihayn, a slave woman gives birth to her mistress.  Regarding what this signifies, researchers have differing opinions. According to Ibn Hajar’s point of view, there will be a lot of kid disobedience, and a child would disrespect and ignore his mother much like a master would a slave.

17. Extensive killing.

18. Earthquakes that are widespread.

19. The appearance of transformations, landslides, and stones from heaven.

20. The appearance of dressed yet naked women.

21. Dreams of believers coming true.

22. The routine providing of false testimony and the withholding of accurate testimony.

23. There will be a lot of women.

24. The Arabs’ ancestral lands reverting to rivers and meadows.

25. A mountain of gold will be found beneath the Euphrates.

26. Inanimate things and wild animals will communicate with humans.

27. The “Romans” will grow in number and engage in combat with the Muslims.

28. The invasion of Constantinople.

Major Signs of Qiyamah


The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) identified ten signs in the hadith of Hudhayfah ibn Asid that he believed to be the principal portents of the Hour. These ten indicators are as follows:

1. the emergence of Dajjal;

2. the arrival of Jesus, Mary’s son (Isa ibn Maryam);

3. Release of Gog and Magog, also known as Yajuj and Majuj;

4. three landslides, one in the east,

5. One in the western region

6. a third in the Arabian Peninsula;

7. the smoke

8. the sun rising from the location where it sets;

9. The Beast;

10. and the fire that will compel people to congregate there.

After the first of these indicators emerges, the others will follow quickly. These signs will appear one after the other.

“The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came out to us while we were talking”, according to Hudhayfah ibn Asid al-Ghifari, who was reported by Muslim. ” What are you talking about”, he questioned. ” We’re talking about the Hour”, they said. ” It won’t start until you notice ten indicators beforehand”, he explained. He mentioned three landslides—one in the east, one in the west, and one in the Arabian Peninsula—as well as the smoke, the Dajjal, the Beast, the sun rising from where it had been setting, the descent of ‘Isa ibn Maryam (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), Yajuj, and Majuj. The last of these is a fire that will emerge from Yemen and drive the people to their place of gathering.

Order of the Signs of Qiyamah (Day of Judgment)


The order in which these signs of Qiyamah shall manifest is not specified in any sahih source; rather, it can be inferred from the context of the texts for some of them.

A question was posed to Shaykh Muhammad al-Salih al-‘Uthaymin (may Allah have pity on him):

Will the Hour’s primary portents happen in a specific order?

He answered:

“While the order of some of the key portents is established, it is unknown for others. The Dajjal, the descending of ‘Isa ibn Maryam, the appearance of Yajuj and Majuj, and their order are among those whose sequence is known. The Dajjal will be send , ‘Isa ibn Maryam will descend and slay him, and then Yajuj and Majuj will appear.

The order of these portents was mentioned by Al-Safarini (may Allah have pity on him) in his ‘Aqidah, but some of the order is permissible and some of it is not. But what counts is that there are important indications that the Hour is approaching and that when they occur, it has. Because the Hour is a severe event, Allah has ordained portents to let people know when it is approaching. (Majmu’ al-Fatawa, question 137, verse two)

And Allah is the wisest.

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