How to Keep your Iman Strong. Strengthen your Iman with these 7 Tips

how to keep your iman strong

Have you felt hopeless in your life like you are going through an Iman (faith) decrease in your life? and then you think of How to keep your Iman Strong in challenging times.

Do you feel restless and apathetic constantly? Or on the other hand have you at any point felt like your energy is someplace blurring?

In today’s hectic and stressful life, we often feel down and lazy sometimes. Every Muslim encounters the ups and downs of Iman at some stage throughout everyday life. The significant thing is to endeavor to build your faith when you notice it is becoming frail. Begin by making little strides that carry you nearer to the Almighty. Allah knows that humans are not perfect. They commit mistakes and go astray. He simply needs us to “attempt”. Endeavoring to improve as a Muslim by rolling out little improvements in your daily existence is an accomplishment in itself. If you are gesturing your head in yes at the present time, let me educate you that you don’t need to stress regarding this any longer. Here are some ways How to Keep your Iman Strong:

7 Tips on How to Keep Your Iman Strong:


1. Quran Recitation



Reciting the Quran reinforces your bond with Allah. Read Quran every day even if it is for 1 page a day. Take time in your busy schedule and bring your focus back to Allah. forget worldly things and tension just for a bit. Read with interpretation. Try to understand what is written in the Holy Book. Quran is the answer to every one of your concerns. It is loaded up with Baraka. So in the event that you haven’t implored namaz or perused the Quran in some time, get up now and perform wudu, supplicate, and peruse the Quran. Returning to Almighty Allah is never too late. What matters is to return back. Insha’Allah It will reinforce your association with Allah and give you solace. It is one of the easiest tips on How to keep your Iman Strong.

Allah says in the Holy Quran;

“He brings them out of darkness into the light” {Quran 2:257}

2. Pray Namaz (Salah)


how to keep your iman strong

Praying Salah is mandatory for every Muslim. and it is one of the best tips on How to keep your Iman Strong.

Regardless of the number of namaz you have missed, attempt to play out your next salah. Regardless of whether you supplicate with the faltering focus simply don’t quit asking, don’t quit attempting. After you are finished with salah, sit and make Dua’. Let your feelings, your sentiments, and your contemplations follow. Allah has a deep understanding of you, He cherishes you. He won’t ever forsake you. Let Him know your heart going through the present moment, let him know to what lengths you will go for solace and alleviation, and request that he increment your Iman. These straightforward, legitimate, and crude discussions will cause you to feel lighter than you can at any point envision! Having a friend to talk to during harsh times is great. But how about Allah himself to listen to you?

“The nearest a servant comes to his Lord is when he is prostrating himself” (Sahih Muslim 482)

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3. Trust Allah


Trusting Allah’s mercy is a significant part of Islam. Regardless of how low you are feeling at present, simply recollect that everything good or bad must come to an end. Allah is nearer to you than you yourself, He adores you. He won’t ever leave you. Simply entrust Him with everything that is in you and hand over your problems to Him.

Allah additionally states in the Quran that he is the Most Merciful:

“Despair not of the mercy of Allah, indeed Allah forgives all sins” (Surah Az-Zumar refrain: 53)

4. Give Charity


“The people who spend their wealth in charity, around night time and by day, secretly and publicly, will observe that their reward is secure with their Lord; no fear will be on them, nor will they lament” (Surah Al-Baqarah section: 274)
Helping other people creates sensations of harmony and reason. Besides the fact that charity safeguards you from evil however it additionally has colossal compensation in this life and the afterlife. Islam is a lifestyle, a way of living. Giving charity lifts your Iman and fortifies your faith. The alleviation related to aiding others is noteworthy.

This benevolent gesture guarantees that the requirements and privileges are met consciously. It teaches the children and the next generations the lesson of love, care and equality.

5. Make Dua


Dua is an Arabic word which in a real sense means how to keep your iman strongto call somebody while with regards to Islam, Dua is the term utilized for the stance where an individual asks for anything from Allah Almighty. In this sense, Dua is vital in the existence of Muslims in light of the fact that Dua resembles a discussion with Allah Almighty where we put our necessities before Him and request his assistance in the goal of our concerns. Dua isn’t just an accommodation about our needs before Allah Almighty however it is a type of love too. In one of the Hadith, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) depicted the Dua to be the Essence of worship. The significance of Dua has been depicted in some of the refrains of the Holy Quran too. In the Surah, al-Baqara refrains 186 Allah Almighty says: “When my servants ask about me, (you tell them) that I am verily nearer to them. I answer the call of the petitioner at whatever point he calls me.” This section implies that we ought to constantly make Dua for the goal of each and every issue of us, be the issue greater or more modest. The greatest conceivable issue is tiny for Allah Almighty.

6) Talk to an Islamic scholar or knowledgeable person


Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla has said:

“Say: “If the sea were ink for [writing] the words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like of it as a supplement”.” [Qur’an: Chapter 18, Verse 109]

Allah’s knowledge is boundless as He subḥānahu wa ta’āla has made sense of in this example; assuming that the water of the oceans was ink for the expressions of Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla, the oceans would be totally spent before the expressions of Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla closes. In some cases in our lives, we wish to find that single word of guidance in the Qur’an or Sunnah that can build our Iman yet we can’t track down it; likely on the grounds that we’re as yet youthful or not proficient enough. Talking to a religious scholar, or educated individual, and looking for his/her assistance can be a lot of helpful instead of finding the answers yourself. It will assist you with knowing precisely the thing you really want to know. He can even guide you better on how to keep your iman strong.

7) Fast on a random day and accomplish something beneficial on it


sawm fasting

One of the super effective tips on how to keep your iman strong is by fasting. Fasting breaks your ego, anxiety, and stress and detaches you from materialistic things. Apart from other ways of worshipping Allah, fasting generally gives an extraordinary sensation of virtue to the spirit. Most Muslims fast during the period of Ramadan and when it closes they continue to trust that the month will return in the future, missing that remarkable inclination that it gives. It likewise implies you pass up Barakah.

Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah bin Abi Yaqub said: “Raja bin Haiwah narrated that Abu Umamah said: ‘I came to the Messenger of Allah and said: “Tell me of something that I might take (learn) from you.” He expressed: “Take to fasting, for there is nothing like it.”” [An-Nasa’i]

Fasting is an incredible way to strengthen your Iman, particularly in the event that you go with it with accomplishing something useful to other people. Attempt to show up for individuals who might be ‘furtively’ asking Allah for your existence, give hope to the people who lost it, and grin into those faces that convey anguish. At the point when you fast and you get depleted from helping other people that day, the sensation of fulfillment you feel at that point is unbelievable! Attempt it and feel it yourself!

We hope you learned something about How to keep your Iman Strong. These were some of the tips on How to keep your Iman Strong. Read more enlightening blogs and articles here.

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