Story of Harut and Marut: Introduction to Magic

Story of Harut and Marut: When God created Adam, he anticipated that all the angels would submit to Adam. Iblis, the angel, declined to comply. Iblis was consequently expelled from heaven. He assumed the identity of the Shaitan, or Devil, and set out to mislead people and make their lives miserable on earth. His objective was to show God that his creation was flawed and that God’s wrath towards him was unjustified.

Story of Harut and Marut


Harut and Marut, two more angels, observed human folly. They kept questioning god how he could put a clay figure over a being of light like an angel. God commanded them to perform better on earth and resist temptations. The two angels accepted the task and came to earth.

Harut and Marut’s Challenge and their Failure


They wandered and fought every temptation, including alcohol and womanizing until they encountered a woman named Zohra, with whom they became infatuated. She demanded alcohol before she would allow them to be intimate with her. They also gave her the sacred name of god when intoxicated, and she grew close to them as a result. Zohra’s ascension to the heavens and transformation into Venus occurred while using the god’s secret name.

Harut and Marut’s Punishment


Harut and Marut made a mistake and apologized to God when they realized they weren’t any better than humans. God presented them with two options: eternal damnation or life on earth where they would experience God’s absence until the end of the world. They choose the second punishment, which involved being hanged upside down in Babylon city.

Spreading the Knowledge of Magic in this World


Since they had access to occult practices, numerous travelers to Babylon encountered these two angels and requested that they impart their knowledge of black magic. Angels would frequently issue warnings about magic knowledge as a temptation that should be resisted in favor of faith in God. If the travelers persistently asked about the Black Magic, they would tell them.

Prophet Suleiman’s Reign


The numerous angels who joined Iblis to deceive humanity were known as the shaitans in other Middle Eastern mythology. They would be able to obtain hidden, occult knowledge about the future through the whispers of angels in their own realm, which they would then impart to humans. God finally granted Prophet Suleiman, the ruler of Israel, the authority to subjugate and command these Shaitans, using their powers to construct his temple. Prophet Suleiman recorded all of their knowledge and predictions in a book, which he then hid underneath his throne. The demons discovered the location of the book after Prophet Suleiman‘s demise. They discovered it and shared its knowledge with everyone. It was, however, written in a difficult-to-understand language.

In another tale, a sorcerer posed as Prophet Suleiman and gained entry to Suleiman’s library. He imparted to humanity the knowledge he had acquired regarding mysticism and occult practices, but they were unable to fully comprehend it. As a result, none of their magic is as effective as Prophet Suleiman’s and continues to be flawed.


This was the Story of Harut and Marut. May we refrain from all types of sins and magic and focus only on our prayers and good deeds. Through stories like the Story of Harut and Marut, the Quran forewarns us about sins and tries to prevent them, how lucky are we to have such a blessed book? We just need to implement it in our daily lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why did Harut and Marut teach magic?

Ans. Teaching magic to mankind was a test of faith as they already told them that this is a trial before sharing the knowledge of magic. Harut and Marut were not disbelievers.

Q. What happened to Harut and Marut

Ans. Until the Day of Judgment, Harut and Marut were forced to hang by their feet in a well in Babylon by their own free will.

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