Story of Prophet Dawud in Islam

Story of Prophet Dawud in Islam

Story of Prophet Dawud A.S. is well known to Muslims, Christians and Jews. One of Prophet Ya’qub’s twelve sons, Judah, also known as Israel, was the ancestor of Prophet Dawud (PBUH). One of the many Prophets sent to the Tribe of Israel following Hazrat Musa A.S. in order to preserve his teachings, blessings and peace be on all of them, was Prophet Dawud, also known as the Prophet David by Jews and Christians:

“Those of the Tribe of Israel who disbelieved were cursed by the tongue of Da’wud and of ‘Isa son of Maryam – that is because they rebelled and exceeded the limits. They did not forbid each other the wrong they were doing – and what they used to do was certainly awful.”Al-Qur’an 5:78-79

Indeed, Prophet Dawud (PBUH) was both a Prophet and a Messenger since he received a revelation to add to Prophet Musa’s Torah, known as the Zabur and also known to Jews and Christians as the Psalms:

One of the virtuous Banu Israel citizens, Prophet Dawud (PBUH), enlisted in the army when he was just a young boy. He was one among those who consented to join the people of Jerusalem in battle to seize the Holy Land as directed by ALLAH SWT.

In the first millennium BCE, he was born in Jerusalem. Prophet Dawud alaihissalam was a cherished Prophet of ALLAH SWT, and ALLAH SWT bestowed mighty strength and amazing abilities upon Him. The laws of the All-Powerful Allah were established on earth by him.

Prophet Dawud in Quran


story of prophet dawud in islam

In various chapters of the Quran, the Prophet Dawud (pbuh) is referred to 16 times by name in distinct narrations.

On Hazrat Dawud alaihissalam, the Holy Book Zubur (Psalms) was revealed.

“And all things in the heavens and on earth are best known to your Lord. Indeed, We have given preference to some Prophets over others, and We entrusted the Zabur (Psalms) to Dawud (David). (Quran 17:55)

He was given the finest voice in history by ALLAH SWT, and whenever he recited the Zubur and thanked ALLAH SWT, all the birds would gather around him and join in. And even the mountains and trees would join him in praising the Almighty Allah as he did.

The verse “We truly subjected the mountains to hymn Our praises along with Him in the evening and after sunrise” is found in the Quran. (Quran 38:18)

The first person whom ALLAH SWT made adept in forging iron into weapons and armor was Prophet Dawud al-aihissalam. He was given a miracle by ALLAH SWT that allowed him to melt iron in his hands and shape it into armor and weapons.

In Surah Saba, ALLAH SWT states: “And undoubtedly, We gave Dawud bounty from Us (and exclaimed), “O mountains!  Share our praises with him, and tell the birds to do the same. We softened the iron for him and instructed him to make wide mail coats, carefully measure the links, and perform works of righteousness. Surely I am Seer of what you do.”  (Quran 34:10-11)

The Prophet Dawud (Alaihissalam) used to fast on alternate days and pray at night. He broke up his night into segments for sleep and prayers.

According to an authentic Hadees, the Prophet Muhammad SAW stated that the Salat (prayer) of Dawud and the Saum (fasting) of Dawud were the two types of fasting that ALLAH SWT appreciated the best. He used to spend the first half of the night sleeping, the next third praying, and the final sixth sleeping once more. Additionally, he used to observe fasts every other day. Additionally, he never ran away from an enemy. (Bukhari)

ALLAH SWT gave Him the capability to understand animal and bird communication.

In numerous narrations in the Holy Quran, the Prophet Dawud (alaihissalam) is praised for his fortitude and wisdom.

The Quran’s Surah Baqarah mentions one of the instances in His youth in which He demonstrated strength and devotion to ALLAH SWT.

As a result, they were victorious thanks to Allah, and after Prophet Dawud (David) killed Jalut (Goliath), Allah bestowed upon him the throne of kingship and wisdom (i.e., the prophethood) and instructed him according to His desire. And if Allah hadn’t checked [some] individuals through other people, the earth would have become corrupted; however, Allah is the owner of the bounty for the worlds. (Quran 2:251)

After Prophet Musa Alaihissalam passed away, the Israelites developed a very bad attitude and stopped believing. They were put through a trial by ALLAH SWT by electing Jalut (Goliath), one of the greatest and most dreadful tyrants, as their leader in order to make them aware of their disobedience and stubbornness and to remind them to turn to ALLAH. Banu Israel was worn out from the humiliation, ongoing battles, and losses in the Jalut realm.

Talut was chosen by ALLAH SWT to be the ruler of Banu Israel after enduring many years of tribulations. Talut was a farmer who was obedient, powerful, and wise.

Talut’s army had a fairly small number of soldiers and weapons, whereas Jalut had a large, powerful, and well-equipped army. Both forces were prepared for combat. The strength of Jalut’s army shocked Banu Israel.

Whoever kills Jaloot will wed his daughter, according to King Talut’s decree.

Nobody ventured to initiate the battle, but at this point, a young boy stepped forward and declared, “I will fight Jalut.” Talut wouldn’t let him leave because he was so young. The Boy insisted that they let him go, claiming that he had just killed a lion so that he could fight Jalut. Prophet Dawud (alaihissalam) was that courageous young boy.

Talut obliged and made him put on the armor to start the battle. Prophet Dawud, who was youthful and frail, found it difficult to wear the armor. Without any weapons or swords other than a slingshot and a few pebbles, Prophet Dawud (A.S.) faced Jalut. He prepared to slay Jalut and prayed to Allah SWT for assistance.

The rock from his slingshot shot directly at Jalut’s forehead. He was struck so violently that he immediately collapsed, blood pouring from his forehead, and was discovered dead moments later.

Seeing their leader perish in a matter of seconds horrified the soldiers of Jalut. The Banu Israel then defeated the Philistine army via the will and assistance of ALLAH SWT despite their extremely low numbers and inadequate equipment.

Then, along with his family and other good individuals, Prophet Dawud A.S. reached the holy city of Jerusalem.

Talut, as promised, wed his daughter to the Prophet Dawud. Additionally, Talut selected Prophet Dawud as the leader of his army.

With time, everyone began to recognize the Prophet Dawud alaihissalam’s wisdom, majesty, and humility. Talut became envious of prophet Dawud alaihissalam because of the attention and love he was receiving from the public.

The jealousy grew so strong that Talut plotted to murder Him. Talut ordered Dawud alaihissalam into perilous battles so that he could be murdered by the adversaries, but the Prophet Dawud alaihissalam prevailed in each conflict with the aid of Allah SWT.

The same night when Prophet Dawud (PBUH) learned of Talut’s scheme, He fled the area with His family and sought refuge in a cave. Along with him, many other individuals sought refuge in the cave. Then, together with his followers, Prophet Dawud traveled to the adjacent kingdom of Palestine.

As soon as Talut learned of this, he attacked Palestine. In this conflict, he was killed, and his army escaped. Following the passing of Prophet Samuel alaihissalam, ALLAH SWT made Prophet Dawud alaihissalam the new king of Palestine.

Palestine was peacefully administered for 40 years by Prophet Dawud (alayhissalam). He lived in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) for 33 years and in Hebron for 7 years.

Masjid Al-Aqsa was in ruins when Prophet Dawud (alaihissalam) began the massive effort of rebuilding it, but he died before finishing it.

Later The Masjid Al-Aqsa was completely rebuilt by his son Prophet Sulaiman al-aihissalam.

Prophet Dawud  (PBUH) lived for 100 years.

5 Facts About Prophet Dawud (Prophet Dawud’s Miracles)


In addition to the kingdom, Allah showered Hazrat Dawood (A.S) with several favors. He was endowed with a good voice in addition to prophethood, knowledge, dominion, and a divine book like “Zaboor”. The birds of the mountains and forests flocked to him as he was worshipping Allah and joined him in divine memory in their native tongues. He was joined in prayer by the mountains.
The Holy Quran mentions these miracles of Hazrat Dawood (A.S.):

(1) The mountain glorified Allah, the Almighty, along with him

(2) The birds also glorified Allah along with him.

(3) Without a furnace or tools, Allah softened iron for him like wax. Allah gave him the skills necessary to build the armor. In actuality, he invented the armor.

(4) Allah bestowed upon him a vast, secure, and stable empire.

(5) He was given the Zaboor by Allah, which he recited with pleasure. He drew the populace to Allah in this way.

Lessons from Prophet Dawud Story


The Story of Prophet Dawud serves as a warning against letting success, wealth, and power cloud your judgment or make you feel haughty and conceited. Your money and power in this world pale compared to Prophet Dawud’s wealth, power, and abilities, yet Prophet Dawud is a man who is continuously aware that all of these material goods belong to Allah and who regularly prays to remember Him.

May we learn something valuable from Prophet Dawud Story and become pious and Trust Allah in challenging times.

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