Story of Prophet Sheeth (A.S.) in Islam | Beginning of Music and Adultery

Story of Prophet Sheeth in Islam | Beginning of Music and Adultery

Story of Prophet Sheeth: The Prophet Adams (as) third son was named Sheeth (as) (also called Shees or Seth). Additionally, Sheeth was a gift; in fact, the name Sheeth itself means “a gift”, indeed a gift from Allah. The Story of Prophet Sheeth (Seth) is also known to Christians and Jews.

After the passing of prophet Adam (A.S.)’s righteous son Habil, Allah (swt) bestowed Sheeth upon him as a gift. His father, the Prophet Adam (as), was 130 years old when the Prophet Sheeth (as) was born. Five years after the passing of his brother Habil, Sheeth (as) was born. In addition to being a good person, Sheeth was also a Prophet and a Messenger of God. Because of Allah’s (swt) immeasurable love toward Adam (as), Sheeth (as) was created to resemble his father. Sheeth (as) was highly obedient to his father, Adam (as), and he followed his commands and Sheeth (as) also used to remind his brothers and nephews about Allah (swt). Hazrat Adam (a.s.) was particularly close to his son, and taught Sheeth (as) the times of day and night and warned him about an impending flood.

Prophet Adam (as) continued to remind people of the beginning while he was still living because there was nothing else to remind them of at the time. Following the passing of his father Adam (as), Sheeth (as) ruled over the descendants of Adam (as), doing so justly and in accordance with the law of Allah (swt). And while Shaitan (Satan) tried to dissuade him from conspiring, he drew the people around him together.


It’s also crucial to be aware that the Quran does not make any reference to Prophet Sheeth (Seth). But the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentions him in the Hadith, saying that “there were 104 chronicles or parchments that were disclosed, and from these 50 chronicles or parchments were revealed to Sheeth.” However, compared to the people around Sheeth (as), Cain and the descendants of Cain continued to grow.

Story of Prophet Sheeth

We all know the tale of Cain and Abel, and we are familiar with Cain’s traits: he was an aggressive person who acted with greed and arrogance; he was a tough character who was challenging to get along with; and as a result of what he did, he chose to separate from the group and travel alone to a remote location. Cain left the house with his twin sister, even though it was forbidden for him to marry and leave the house. And Allah (swt) declared it unlawful for any child of Adam (as) to wed a member of Cain’s family. Thus, before he passed away, Adam (as) lived in the hilly areas with Sheeth (as) and all of his other offspring. Cain, a young man, then made the decision to travel farther afield, to the valleys and flat terrain.

People of Mountains and People of Valleys


Later, Allah (swt) sent Sheeth (as) a directive as part of his Sharia, prohibiting him from mixing with those who had crossed over to the other side (valleys). Since this man, Cain traveled with his own family and they had their own offspring and personalities, it was forbidden to mix with them. They followed the Sharia as it was revealed to Sheeth (as), did not mix, and were greatly protected as a result.

Shaitan (Satan) now proceeded to play his part. Shaitan made the decision to go up against the men in order to demonstrate to men how to commit sins. And he was aware that the individuals with Sheeth (as) might be familiar with him due to their knowledge of Shaitan. Then he transformed himself into a young guy, lovely young man, and traveled with the people of Cain to appear to be one of Sheeth’s defectors (as).

We observed a clear indicator, as described in the story. We could tell that the women on Cain’s side were incredibly attractive, but the men were not. Regarding Sheeth (as) and the others, they were all exceedingly attractive but the women here were not that attractive.

Satan’s play: Creation of Music


Shaitan went to Cain’s people in the guise of a handsome man, like an apprentice, and requested the blacksmith for a job since he was in need of employment. They observed him, and since he appeared to be a good man, they decided to accept. He labored among them and put forth a lot of effort because he used to work with metal. So he created a flute, which he accomplished. And he showed it to everyone as he emerged with the flute. And he gradually began emitting sounds that nobody had ever heard. It was completely unfamiliar to them because there was no sound in the beginning of time.

Now he made a small drum and began to beat it, to the surprise of everyone. They would gather around him as he performed, and when he began banging a piece of metal, the sound it made alerted them to his approach. They arrived, excited, and said things like, “Wow these people are intelligent, they’ve advanced far more than us,” as he fashioned a bugle and blew into it producing a sound. They were ecstatic as they thought.

And they became so absorbed in it that they began to gradually ignore Allah’s instructions (swt). On the other hand, Sheeth (as) continued to remind his followers and to explain to them what was proper and wrong, among other things. And on this hand, we discovered that Satan was instructing them in the ways of doing evil and inventing evil.

So the flute was created, and it had a wonderful sound. They reportedly began to move their bodies toward the flute as soon as Shaitan brought it to them. The more musical instruments we hear, the more our entire body responds to them. That is exactly what took place back then.

They then started to dance. They used this to create the musical instruments, which they then used to give Iblis command over them. They actually set out a day, an evening, and a Saturday night, and miraculously it continued till today. He designated a day to that evening when he would produce these sounds, invite everyone over to listen to him, and essentially throw a party. They had been having fun until Shaitan visited some of the young people from Sheeth (as).

Satan misguiding Prophet Sheeth’s People


What exactly did Shaitaan do to them? It was amazing how he approached them and cast doubts in their minds. He provoked their doubts regarding the Sharia of Allah (swt), leading them to ask, “Why is it forbidden to interact with these cousins and relatives of ours? What’s wrong with it? What is this law? What’s so bad about those people?”

According to the story, the mountain people first heard the flute when several men were walking close by and heard it. They followed the directions since they enjoyed the sound but were unsure of their location. These men also observed the local women.

Some of them made the decision to go see what was occurring as they had heard that things were happening elsewhere. So they descended from the mountains and watched from a distance. Even though they had no intention of doing evil, it managed to draw and entice them. What did they witness when they claimed that everyone was having a good time? Very attractive women drew them in, and as they got closer, they went closer. They were being seen back as they were attractive men.

Therefore, the women started partaking in Tabbaruj. “Tabbaruj” implies to begin showcasing their beauty and dressing up in an effort to attract attention. Shaitan had never previously explained this to them.

And as the music brought them together, the men and women started to mingle and interact naturally and biologically, which caused reactions in both the men and the women. Shaitaan fulfilled his part, allowing the free mingling to start without restrictions.

These young men started having fun; they had music, women, and so much more. They were partying and having a good time, and later, after the party, they left. They informed the other youngsters when they got back, “Hey, you don’t know what you people have missed out.  Do you see that? They have a variety of songs that are simply fantastic.” Watch how Satan manipulates people with music. When we listen to music, it has a way of making us forget about everything.

Introduction to Zina (Adultery)


Following that, these individuals returned with a larger number, and the group kept expanding. They were some individuals from the Sheeth (as) side who used to stealthily cross over to the opposite side, where they would commit sin. ZINA thus started at this point.

With the invention of the first flute and music that encouraged men and women to join together and dance, adultery and fornication started to spread slowly but surely throughout this time. Over time, Zina was also performed.

Remember that individuals haven’t yet engaged in shirk, which is when they perform specific acts of worship while establishing partners with Allah (swt) in those various acts of worship.

However, Iblis (Shaitan) was gradually raising humankind to the next level gradually through his deceptions.

And for this reason, the Quran commands: “O you who have believed, do not walk in the way of Satan. And anyone who follows Satan’s example will undoubtedly practise evil and immorality. And none of you would have ever been clean if it weren’t for Allah’s favour and mercy toward you; nonetheless, Allah purifies those whom He pleases, and Allah is hearing and knowing.”

Satan is incredibly intelligent; he is familiar with how people behave. He believed that it was too early for him to shirk at this time. They are still too young and would be aware of Satan’s trickery. He, therefore, made the decision to present them with something that would divert them and help them forget about their mission on earth and why they were sent and introduced adultery (Zina) and music afterward.

Sheeth (as) continued to live on earth for a few more decades while he was enjoining, ordering, and advising. When Sheeth (as)’s time of death arrived, he gave it to his most honorable son, Enos, who continued his work after him.

His son Qinan, who in turn was replaced by his son Mahlabeel, took over for him.

The Persians asserted that Mahlabeel was the ruler of the seven areas, that he was the first to clear forests in order to create towns and massive forts, and that he was also responsible for the construction of Soos and Babylonia (Iraq). They claim that after defeating Iblis and his army, he dispersed them into mountains and valleys and slaughtered a great deal of them, as though there was a war between the jinns and him. and Allah knows best. His rule lasted 40 years after his father.

This was the Story of Prophet Sheeth (A.S.), Prophet Adam (A.S.)’s dearest Son.

Lessons learned from the Story of Prophet Sheeth (A.S.)


A lot of lessons we can learn from the Story of Prophet Sheeth (A.S.) and Adam (A.S.). One thing we must remember is to trust Allah even in harsh times or good ones. and stay away from negative people and bad company. Do not indulge in haram things and things which are forbidden to us as it is for your own good.

May we learn something valuable from Story of Prophet Sheeth (PBUH) and become pious and Trust Allah in challenging times.

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