What is Tabarruj in Islam? The Wrongful Act of Showing off beauty

what is tabarruj

Let’s go to the issue of the dress code and dwell on it for a few moments. Now, we don’t want to judge our sisters based on the pressure of the environment and society for them to show what they have, when what they have is given by Allah. your complexion given to you by Allah, your build given to you by Allah, the type of hair you have given to you by Allah.

It is pagan to judge based on that. totally pagan, and unacceptable. so Allah says, in order to give you the honor, we ask you to conceal. that’s it. in order to provide you with dignity. Let’s pause, you might argue that “ok this was a long time ago, before the Islamic period that they did that”. We want to tell you we’ve come back to the stage today. perhaps the pressure of society is worse than the pagan time. the reason we say this: at that time they oppressed women. with women knowing that they were oppressed. Today they are abusing females in a way that the females look forward to the abuse. That’s what it is. They have when they decided a long time ago, when they saw that we can no longer make use of nude women to fulfill our lusts and desires to be paraded in front of us, they chose to do something more intelligent.

They said to themselves “we will design clothing for them. we will make sure that we make it the in a thing by promoting it in the media and by using whether it is movies or adverts or whatever else. in order to promote what they are supposed to be doing in such a way that they consider it liberation to remove their clothing”.

so when they remove their clothing they are now liberated, that’s what they think and that’s what they have made you think.

In Africa, the world forced women through brainwashing to remove their clothing and consider that liberation. in Africa, many years back before the colonialists came in, they used to wear feathers and skins to cover their private parts and they used to move around with spears and daggers, and here come the colonialists and tells them that “you know what, this is backward. this is really backward it is unacceptable. you people are bushmen”, they called them “bushmen” you know.

May Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala forgive us (Ameen). they called them “bushmen”

and said: “you people are not even clothed”, and they came with beautiful clothing, to be honest, that covered the female and even gave her a Victorian cap that had a net.


they covered her so beautifully. and now the same African is saying WHY we were liberated? you took our liberation because according to you now have changed everything and you are now going back to where you were by saying you go back and put on the skin and put on the feathers and just cover the front and the back and you are liberated. so we were already there you took us out of civilization and you brought us into degradation. and now according to you, you are taking us back to civilization. but that’s not the case, it means there is something sinister. it means a brain and a mind that is thinking. the mind will actually go and ponder and will say definitely something is wrong here. something is wrong. daughters are special. you are not supposed to be nude just for the desires of men

and people say: “no I’m doing it for myself”. NO, YOU ARE NOT. cannot be. Are we doing it for ourselves?, NO. We will tell you why. If you put on two pounds of weight you will cover. trust us it’s a fact. It shows you are enslaved, total enslavement. if there is a small blemish on your head, you won’t go out. Do you need something? make sure even if it means 30 minutes and it means 300 Ringgit (Malaysian Currency) one pimple worth it, worth it. at least when I go out, there we are, you know, when we first came across beauty camera (filter), you know they have this beauty camera, it takes off all of your blemishes. gone you know. so first came across a beauty camera, and we thought to ourselves if women, maybe even men, could actually move around with a little screen in front of them just so that when you look you can see a filtered image already. they would do so. it might happen one day, SubhanAllah, you know little screens while walking. that is how enslaved we are. we are embarrassed because of the normal natural pimples that we have. we are embarrassed because of that.


because we are enslaved to a certain extent, it’s not bad to look good SubhanAllah. but within the limits. remember why are you doing it? Allah says “Don’t do it for the opposite sex, because it won’t stop”. if you do it for Allah Subhana Wa Ta’la, for your spouse for example, for a good purpose, you know you want to feel good you are not going to show it to the world. perhaps, Yes. but if a person is doing it for the opposite sex, it is called Tabarruj.

you are not allowed to engage in tabarruj.

What is meant by Tabarruj in Islam?

Tabarruj is to show off to other men something, that’s not even theirs, make them wish. May Allah forgive us (Ameen). Allah Subhana Wa Ta’la sometimes gives us these beautiful rulings in such a way that if we were to ponder over them we would realize that it’s a gift for other sisters. you might be gorgeous, you might be MashaAllah the most good-looking, so pretty everything. you can show off.

wait wait

look at the others around you perhaps. you are putting pressure on them. perhaps you are a reason why their home is breaking because now the men are becoming used to a certain figure that are they bombarded with all along. daughters are too special for that. if you want to contribute to building their homes, YOU need to also dress appropriately. that’s a fact you may not have understood what we said let me say it in a different way. sometimes what happens is a person who may not be up to the tip-top shape that the world wants to see, would be looking at those who are exposing themselves and feel burning in her heart. she doesn’t know what she is doing in her marriage and in her home. She is paving the way for tabarruj. just by exposing, “I don’t have that hair, I don’t have this, I don’t have that” so what does she do, she will go to have an operation in order to change the creation of Allah. she will go because she is dissatisfied, she is not happy. she will go and try to change her shape completely and her face and she will go in for plastic surgery, and she will still not be satisfied, and she will go in for so much more. just because there are few who are, MashaAllah, gifted by Allah.

but they are showing that all, to create a trend and an environment of enslavement of the female. and now she is also paving the way for more tabarruj. that’s what it is enslavement. take a look at these products that we have in the market, beauty products. Now we are not saying they are bad, don’t get us wrong. you may want to use those that are permissible, Yes. you have every right to be looking presentable and good but why are you doing it? that’s the question that’s all. the amount of money being used by people to try and change their complexion. go and google it, and check it, is unacceptable. WHY? what is so bad?

and this is why Islam has made it clear that your complexion is chosen by Allah

there is no virtue over a person coming from Africa over one who comes from Arabia and Vice Versa. except by their closeness to Allah. so our sisters, you are too special to be bothered about things that Allah has chosen for you. Stay away from tabarruj and ask Allah’s mercy.

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