Chris Brown speaks about Palestine ‘genocide’ in a concert in Dubai, UAE

Chris Brown speaks about Palestine ‘genocide’ in a concert in Dubai, UAE

Chris Brown speaks about Palestine: On December 22nd, 2023, a huge concert was organized by the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. Many well-known celebrities were invited to that concert, and among those celebrities was the American singer-songwriter, Chris Brown. The concert was a huge success, as huge crowds from within Dubai, as well as from all over the world, were very excited to attend it because of the large scale of preparations made by the UAE government to make the event as enjoyable as possible for the audience. 

But an act by Chris Brown made the audience attending the event realize the level of Iman, as well as the humanity left inside of him. Just before the show was about to end, Chris Brown tried to remind people and spread awareness about the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

“I just want to say this real quick, it’s a lot of evil and a lot of genocide going on in the world right now. I encourage all my young brothers and sisters to love one another, be positive, not because somebody’s watching, but because it’s in here. I appreciate you guys; you guys are like family. You listen to our music; you watch us perform. We appreciate everybody. So with that, inshallah, mashallah, i love you.”

While on stage, he stated that there’s a lot of evil and a lot of genocide going on in the world right now. Chris Brown encouraged his audience, especially the younger generation, to adopt love and positivity. He also conveyed gratitude for the support received from his fans. In today’s times, it’s not at all hidden that if any celebrity or politician dares to speak against the ongoing oppression, even without naming the state of Israel, then too, he will face negative consequences. Still, in that concert, Chris Brown dared to raise awareness among his audience to not forget about the devastation that is going on in Gaza, Palestine.

The concert was sponsored by Coca-Cola, a company that has had ties with Israel since the 1960s. It was held in Dubai, where the majority of the population follows Islam. Attending music concerts is in itself prohibited in Islam as it involves music, free mixing, and takes away from the hearts and the remembrance of Subhana wa Tala. And now, it becomes even more wrong when one part of the ummah is facing unthinkable situations, and the least thing that the rest of the ummah should do is to constantly make dua for Palestine.

But here we see the Muslims of the UAE and even from many other Arab nations enjoying themselves and having a jolly time as if nothing wrong is going on, completely ignoring Palestine. Some so-called liberal Muslims may point out in debate that if the people of Palestine are having troubled times, then why should we stop enjoying ourselves? To them, our answer is that if a Muslim doesn’t feel restlessness because of the pain his brothers and sisters in Islam are going through in Palestine, there is high doubt about the level of iman that he has inside his heart because a believer is not a believer if he’s not grieved by the grievance of another believer. 

Al-Nu’man ibn Bashir reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.” [Source: Sahih al-Bukhari 6011, Sahih Muslim 2586]

The people of Gaza are living in tents in this cold weather. They don’t have food or enough water. The remaining are either under rubble or in the hospital. 50,000 pregnant women have nowhere to give birth to their babies, and above everything, Palestinians are constantly targeted through heavy air strikes. And still, there are hundreds of Muslims who have forgotten their plight and are busy having a good time. Apart from Chris Brown, other musicians, and rappers like Coldplay, DJ Snake, and Macklemore have also dared to show their support for the Palestinians by using the stage on which they were performing as a means of spreading awareness and displaying that even while performing, they did not forget about the sufferings and distress of people of Palestine.

Chris Brown and the musicians mentioned do not follow Islam, but the sufferings of the people of Gaza, and Palestine were still on their minds. They spoke for the Palestinians’ cause, knowing that they might bear consequences for it. It also might be their last concert, yet they did because, as human beings, they felt the need to do so. It’s a shame that Chris had to remind the Muslims present at the concert not to forget about Gaza. This is the sad reality of the state of the ummah today, and this is the reason why a Gazan once said that people should worry about the state of the rest of the ummah instead of us because, in reality, they are the ones who are truly at loss while the Gazans are not. May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala elevate the status of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. amen.

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