Gervonta Davis Chooses a New Muslim Name “Abdul Wahid”

Gervonta Davis Chooses a New Muslim Name after Accepting Islam

Gervonta Davis Chooses a New Muslim “Abdul Wahid”: The recent decision Gervonta Davis made to choose a Muslim name officially signifies his conversion to Islam. The unbeaten boxer chose the name “Abdul Wahid” as the new name, which means “The Slave of The One,”.

“Alhamdulillah, we have our brother here, Gervonta. May Allah preserve him and bless him. As many of you know, he embraced Islam, Alhamdulillah, and he’s a Muslim. I just wanted to talk about something that’s very important and beneficial: the attribute that he chose, the name that he chose as a Muslim is Abdul Wahid. It means the servant of the One, from the names of Allah. the names of God Is Al Wahid, the One, and that’s a beautiful name. He is one, God is one, and that’s the beauty of Islam. We believe in one God; we worship one God, the Lord of all the prophets and the messengers, the Lord of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (PBUT) —every prophet, the Lord of all the creation, the Lord of the heavens and the Earth, and we worship Him alone.” – The Imam said

“Say (O Mohammad), “He is Allah, the One.” (Quran 112:1) He is one. Islam teaches us to be the best version of who we are, to try and complete ourselves because as Muslims, we want to complete ourselves. But also, we have to help those who are around us. The brother invested in the area that he’s from, and we see that’s something that we’re trying to do also in Philadelphia—trying to help others that are around us. Even you, as the youth of the community, you all have a role. You guys are the future of tomorrow. You guys are going to be the teachers; you’re going to be the leaders of tomorrow, whether it’s in sports or whatever you choose in life. You’re going to be the future of tomorrow. But in order to be the leaders that you can be, you have to be prepared for it. Islam blesses us; Islam allows us to do that”- Imam Said.

Mashallah, as you all heard, Gervonta Davis has officially changed his name from Gervonta Davis to Abdul Wahid, which translates to the servant of the One, the Most High, Allah. This is a beautiful name, a wise choice by Abdul Wahid. May Allah continue blessing him as he journeys toward his destiny that Allah has written for him. With that being said, we wish him all the best.

Gervonta Davis Chooses the Muslim Name “Abdul Wahid” after conversion to Islam

Christmas Eve, December 24, is when Gervonta Davis converted to Islam, which marks a pivotal moment in his newfound religious and personal path.

Gervonta Davis isn’t the only well-known boxer who has converted to Islam and changed his name. The most well-known fighter in the history of the sport was, in fact, a devout Muslim named Muhammad Ali. This was evident in his famous fight against Ernest Terrell, who insisted on calling Muhammad Ali by his birth name, Cassius Clay, upon the issue of Ali’s renaming himself.

One of the most dreaded heavyweight boxers of all time, Mike Tyson, is another well-known Muslim boxer. Even though Tyson converted to Islam before to his 1992 prison term, he never took on a Muslim name in an official capacity. Rumour had it, though, that he had taken on the name Malik Abdul Aziz.

But not every Muslim boxer is the greatest of all time. Like Gervonta “Tank” Davis’s contemporary, Devin Haney is a Muslim fighter who has never lost. Rumors even exist that the two will fight one another in the future.

Haney is 31-0, while Gervonta Davis is 29-0. Their next opponent, Ryan Garcia, is someone ‘The Dream’ aspires to defeat since ‘Tank’ recently defeated him.

Victories by Gervonta Davis over other unbeaten boxers

Gervonta Davis’ most recent four opponents were all unbeaten fighters before fighting ‘Tank.’ Prior to his confrontation with Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia had an impressive record of 23 victories and 0 losses. Garcia took a body shot that left him handicapped and lost in round seven.

In the same way, Héctor García was 16-0 prior to round 9’s TKO. In the sixth round, Rolando Romero was eliminated for the first time in his career by “Tank,” resulting in his first professional defeat. Another boxer who had never lost before, Mario Barrios, also experienced his first defeat when Gervonta Davis TKO’d him in the eleventh round.

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