What happens after Death in Islam?

what happens after death in islam

What happens after Death in Islam? Death is much of the time a terrifying thought, yet one that we ought not be frightened of. At the point when you genuinely comprehend demise you will never again must be frightened of it. and getting to know about death or What happens after Death in Islam will help you better prepare for it. Even if you are a non-Muslim, you can understand What happens after Death in Islam in this article.

When we can understand that Allah (SWT) made this World a test for the believers and that this isn’t our genuine home; we can really discover a true sense of harmony inside our hearts. You feel that demise is scary, yet this Dunya is more frightening. The worldly things make us lead astray of the righteous path. It is better to prepare for the hereafter if you want an easy death.

You might be thinking some time or the other about What happens after Death in Islam. In Islamic practice, this happens when a Muslim dies: The event isn’t generally as you might expect, and it can strike you whenever regardless of whether you like it. Allah (SWT) sends his heavenly messenger Azreal, known as the holy messenger of death, to recover the spirit from the human. After Allah (SWT) has told Azreal (AS) to take your spirit, you are then announced dead in the realm of the Dunya.

“Allah takes the spirits at the hour of their demise.” 39:42, Holy Quran

After you have passed on, your family and Muslim people group will direct your Ghusl (full-body purification) and afterward continue to your Janazah (burial prayer) which is a piece of the Islamic funeral ceremonies. After this and numerous prayers, your body is then buried six feet underground, alone and without anyone else.

what happens after death in islam

After some time in your grave, you are then visited by two heavenly angels, known as Munkar and Nakir. They are appointed to test the faith of those dead inside their graves. When they show up, they sit you up in your grave and ask you this: “Who is your Lord? Who is your Prophet? What is your faith?”.

At the point when this is finished, you have been determined to either find happiness in the hereafter until the day of judgment or you are seriously punished by the heavenly angels until Allah (SWT) decides in any case, until the day of revival. You will have now entered the phase of Barzakh, the shroud or hindrance that remains between two things that can’t meet. You can understand this phase as a waiting period until the day of judgment, a division between the living and the great beyond.

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“That I might do righteousness in that which I left behind. No! It is only a word he is saying, and behind them is a barrier until the Day they are resurrected.” – (23:100) the Holy Quran.

The phase of Barzakh is a world like this world, however unique. The treatment and way of living they get with the inter-space of Barzakh is an impression of their deeds and activities in the Dunya. It is trusted that assuming the individual was a firm and passionate servant of Allah (SWT), they are supposed to get numerous joys during this stage. In the event that they have committed many sins or are kafirs (skeptics), they will confront a difficult time during this stage.

At the point when Allah (SWT) orders this stage to be finished, the day of resurrection will show up and all of Allah’s (SWT) creations will be brought under the watchful eye of him to be judged.

Qiyamah (Day of Judgment)


It isn’t known to man when the day of judgment will happen, be that as it may, our adored Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has let us know the signs that will happen in anticipation of this day. There are numerous minor and significant signs that will show that the time is close. The most notable of them will be the presence of the Dajjal (False-Messiah) and the arrival of Prophet Isa (Jesus) (AS).

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The day, which will last for 50,000 years, is a day that Muslims spend their entire lives planning for. All of humanity will come bearing the book of what they did during their lives; every one of their wrongdoings and good deeds will be decided by Allah.

The day of revival is the last test all of creation should confront before they arrive at their last abode forever, whether that be damnation or paradise. In Islam, we accept that we will be generally restored by the manner in which we lived and the way we died. Whether that be in great deeds or sins, Allah (SWT) will take you back to that state.

We ask that Allah (SWT) make our excursion across the Sirat (bridge) to heaven simple and keep us from falling into the flames of hell.

Getting Ready for Death in Islam


Performing great deeds is the most ideal way to make your excursion in the hereafter an easier one. It is portrayed that the Prophet (PBUH) said that “when a man dies, his deeds reach a conclusion with the exception of three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (a persistent charity), knowledge which is useful, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him.” – Muslim

Setting up an Islamic will is likewise a significant method for getting ready for your takeoff from this world, as it is an obvious sign and testament to your choices and your obligation to the Islamic prerequisites. A will assists you with dealing with your family rightly after you pass, permitting you to get great deeds.

Alternate ways that rewards can be procured after you have passed incorporate charity(Sadaqah Jariyah), giving a Qur’an, and building a mosque. These are deeds that can persistently help after you have left this world.

Knowing What happens after Death in Islam and preparing will increase your faith and allow you to focus better on praying rather than involving too much in worldly things.

This was all about What happens after Death in Islam.

Now that you know What happens after Death in Islam, let’s prepare for a better afterlife by reinforcing our iman. Read more informational articles here.

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