Muslims celebrate Morocco’s victory over Portugal all over the World in FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar

Muslims celebrate Morocco’s victory over Portugal

As the FIFA world cup 2022 is reaching its last stages, Morocco defeated well-favored Portugal in the quarterfinal of the present FIFA World Cup in Qatar yesterday by a score of 1-0, setting up a semifinal matchup with the reigning champions France. While the incredible underdog tale of Morocco defeating certain footballing giants like Spain and Portugal has touched the hearts of football fans everywhere, many Muslims are celebrating this victory from a religious perspective.

The first nation from Africa or the Arab world to ever advance to the semifinals in Morocco.

After the game’s final whistle, fans who had crowded Rabat cafes flocked to the streets. A celebration fit for a World Cup final began with cheers, horns, and fireworks and quickly extended throughout the Moroccan capital.

In a sea of red and green, the colors of the Moroccan flag, hundreds of families, including women, men, and kids, sang, danced, and played instruments. More individuals gathered in front of the parliament building, obstructing traffic and exchanging “Mabrouk Alina” greetings (congratulations to us).

Nearly 98% of the Moroccan population identify themselves as Muslims, and many of them are determined to make their successful campaign entirely about their faith.

Mesut Ozil, the 2014 World Cup winner and former Real Madrid and Arsenal player, led the effort to make Morocco’s victory all about Islam. He praised the Moroccan victory as a victory for Muslims.

Khaled Beydoun also made the argument that this is a victory for all Muslims in an effort to take advantage of the Moroccan players’ glory.

Khaled also decided to place a wager with French President Emmanuel Macron on behalf of Morocco that if Morocco wins the semifinal, Macron will lift the country’s ban on the hijab. It’s interesting to note that France’s team includes Muslim athletes like Dembele, Konate, and Fofana. Due to injury, many French Muslims, including players like Pogba and Kante, is not in Qatar.

Even many ardent admirers of Cristiano Ronaldo, a legendary Portuguese player, decided to rejoice in Portugal’s defeat since it was a triumph for the Ummah.


Riots after the Moroccan victory in European towns


The majority of major European towns today have a sizable Muslim population of North African ancestry as a result of Europe’s extensive acceptance of both legal and unauthorized refugees from North Africa throughout the years. Like the majority of his colleagues, even Moroccan star player Ziyech was born and raised in the Netherlands.

Huge protests broke out throughout Europe after Moroccan triumphs over Belgium and Spain, and the scenario was similar following Morocco’s victory over Portugal.

Following Morocco’s triumph over Portugal, riots broke out in Paris’ Champs-Elysees district as rioters allegedly committed acts of damage and police retaliated with tear gas. Intriguingly, France will be Morocco’s next World Cup opponent after they overcame England 2-1.

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