Snake and Peacock story in Islam. Was Snake and Peacock thrown out of Jannah?

snake and peacock story in islam

First of all, there is no mention of the snake and peacock story in Islam, the Quran, and Hadith that recounts the such story. It is most probably a fairy tale story that people tell their kids. So, the story of the snake and peacock in Islam that you are about to read in this article is most probably a made-up story. We should only trust and believe in Quran and Hadith narratives.

What is the Story of Snake and Peacock in Islam?


The Story of Snake and Peacock in Islam as they say begins with the peacock. They say the peacock came from Jannah and his colors depicted the colors of Jannah and he could go in and out of Jannah on his will. The Story is of the time when Shaitan (Satan) was trying to trick Adam (A.S.) into eating the forbidden fruit and refused to bow down before Adam (A.S.) on God’s command.

Do you not comprehend? In paradise, Satan misled Adam (A.S.).  Why do we believe we are impervious to Satan’s trickery in this world? He deceived Adam (AS) and Hawa (AS) in paradise. How much more cautious we must be in this world now, avoiding Satanic objects, Satanic people, and Satanic thoughts while seeking out the Satan inside and exterminating it. We should be more cautious.

Was snake and peacock thrown out of Jannah

Satan came and told the peacock that he needed to enter paradise because there were angels guarding the entrance—don’t think there was just one, there were many—and they wouldn’t let him in since he was already one of the cursed ones. He, therefore, approached a few creatures in an attempt to gain entry into Jannah, one of which is the peacock, in an effort to mislead Adam (A.S.). Recognize the tricks Satan uses. “Don’t you realize that one day all of your beauty is going to fade,” he asked the peacock. “You will inevitably get old and pass away.” The peacock was astounded to hear this because, since pre-eternity, they had lived in the paradise where there is no such thing as aging, death, or destruction. In paradise, everything gets better and better and bigger every second of every moment.

And everyone is aware that, aside from the Archangels, Azazil, also known as Shaytan, has specific knowledge that the majority of angels do not. As a result, the peacock was very eager to learn this information, and Satan responded by saying, “I have particular prayers, and secrets and so many people are running for secrets.” He says, “I know secrets that, if I were to reveal you, you would remain young forever.” Oh, if Shaitan showed here and told the people this, the entire globe would chase after Shaitan because that is what everyone wants these days—to stay youthful, beautiful, and young forever. And the peacock responds, “Really? I know you are Shaitan, and I know you have special knowledge likewise. Is something like that likely to occur?”. ” Yes, just allow me through to paradise, and I will tell you inside”, he responds. After giving it some thinking, the peacock responded, “No, I’m not going to.” shifted his stance.

The snake was the second creature that was inside and was emerging. The snake, which had long legs, gorgeous colors, and everything else, was the most beautiful creature in paradise. It was also Hawa (A.S.)’s closest companion. Satan thus fooled the snake. The peacock did not fall for Shaitan’s deception, but it did pay attention. Additionally, he speaks to the snake, telling it, “Don’t you know, one day, you’re going to lose your dear one, get old, and die,” the same thing he is saying to us now, the same thing he has been saying for thousands of years, the same thing he said at first, the same thing he said.

“Don’t you know, one day you’re going to lose the one you love, die, and you’re going to become nothing.” The snake then cried out, “Please show me what I need to do,” after being startled. Shaitan responds, “Just open your mouth, let me in, bring me to paradise, and we’ll see.” Shaitan entered through the mouth once the snake opened it, and they were able to get past the angels. the rest of the story as we know it took place.

The snake’s teeth have been poisoned ever since that time until now. As a result, it lost all of its beauty, and when Adam (A.S.) and Hawa (AS) sent it down to this world, several others were also despatched. Along with the peacock, the snake was also sent down to our realm. In paradise, the peacock had the most beautiful voice; but, after being banished to this earth, it had the worst voice, especially when compared to other birds. But it brings back memories of our home, Jannah. InshaAllah, may we learn something from this snake and peacock story in Islam.

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Is the Story of Snake and Peacock in Islam true?


As mentioned at the beginning of the post, there is no such story as the Snake and peacock story in Islam mentioned in the Quran or Hadith and hence it is not an authentic or reliable story and most probably and made-up story that you shouldn’t believe in. Stay away from shirk and false information and trust only what’s written in the Quran and Hadiths.

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