Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighted in Saudi Arabia

ramadan moon

Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighting in Saudi Arabia: On Sunday, 10 March, the Ramadan crescent moon was sighted in Saudi Arabia. The moon can be seen in certain western countries in addition to Saudi Aarabia. The Ramadan crescent moon will be viewable in the remaining eastern countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other nations tomorrow.

Ramadan 2024 Tarawih and Fast:

As Ramadan 2024 Moon has been Sighted in Saudi Arabia, Tarawih begins tonight and Fasting will begin from tomorrow for Western countries and the Middle East. As for Eastern countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc., the Moon will be visible tomorrow and Tarawih will begin from tomorrow, and fasting will begin from day after tomorrow.

Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighting:

The lunar observation before Ramadan, sometimes referred to as Ramzan/Ramazan/Ramzaan, is a traditional and important feature of the Islamic religion, marking the start of the month-long fast from sunrise to dusk, which is accompanied by acts of devotion and almsgiving. One of the five pillars of Islam is fasting, which involves refraining from eating, drinking, smoking, engaging in sinful thoughts and deeds, and having marital relations from dawn til dusk.

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