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Story of Seven Sleepers in Islam

Story of Seven Sleepers in Islam is not very much detailed in the Quran. However, it is very well known in the Bible. In Makkah, this chapter of 110 verses was revealed. Its name comes from the Story of Seven Sleepers who slept in a cave that is found in verses 9 to 26 of Surah Al-Kahf

While it begins with three stories and a parable, it ends with allusions to the Quran. It is also thought to have been revealed to soothe the young Muslims who were constantly being tormented and persecuted by Makkah’s ruling elites. It was also sent down to respond to three inquiries that had been made in an effort to test Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Verses 1 to 13


God deserves praise for revealing a simple text that stays true to the straight way. It forewarns of a severe penalty but also brings good news of a wonderful and endless reward to people who perform good things. It forewarns individuals who assert that God has a child by informing them that they lack proof for such a terrible falsehood.

It is warned to Prophet Muhammad that he runs the risk of stressing himself to death over those who reject his message. However, the truth is that the planet was populated with alluring objects to put humans to the test, and in the end, everything will be turned to dust.

Do you find the Story of Seven Sleepers amazing? and it was a miracle?

In the cave, the young men sought shelter while pleading with God, the Most Merciful, to show them a way out of their difficult situation. After a prolonged amount of time, God awoke them from a profound sleep.

Both believers and nonbelievers debate how long they have been dozing off, but then God makes the real story known. They were young men with firm faith, and God provided them with even greater direction.

Story of Seven Sleepers in Islam

Verse 14 to 26


(Before going inside the cave) The young people proclaimed that God was the only god they would ever worship and he was the lord of the Earth and Heaven. There is nothing more terrible than a person who lies about God, and those who have adopted other gods have done so without any clear authority. They talked about it among themselves and retreated to the cave because they believed that God would protect them with His mercies and lead them out of the situation they were in.

And you would have observed that the sun used to rise on their right and sun sets on their left if you had been present with the cave sleepers. They were lying in the cave’s exposed area the entire time.

One of God’s signs is this. While some are correctly led, others are left to wander. As they turned from side to side and their dog sprawled out at the cave’s entrance, the people sleeping in the cave gave the impression that they were awake.

In addition, you would have fled in panic if you had seen them. God roused them up in the same manner that He had put them to sleep.

“How long have we been asleep?”, the young cave dwellers started to ask one another. They concurred that only God knew exactly how much time had passed because it seemed like only a day or a portion of a day had passed.

With a silver coin, one of them ventured into the town in search of food. The others cautioned him to exercise caution and keep their whereabouts a secret. If he was discovered, he would either be stoned to death or, worse yet, made to adopt their religion.

God made them known to the public in order for everyone to be aware that His promises of the Resurrection and the Last Hour were fulfilled.

The people who discovered them quarreled and fought among themselves, and the winners chose to erect a temple over them. People who heard the story disagreed on the number of sleepers, but they only made educated guesses because so few people had any actual knowledge.

As a result, follow the rules and never promise to do something without mentioning God’s blessing. If you do forget, think of God and pray that He will help you behave even better.

While some claim they spent 300 or 309 years in the cave, Prophet Muhammad is instructed to remark that only God knows for sure how long they were all there. Since He is the only one who has access to the mysteries of the earth and the heavens. God is the only guardian, and He does not share in ruling with anyone else.

Verse 27 to 31


Prophet Muhammad is instructed to repeat the contents of the revelation; no modifications of any kind are permitted. Be happy to be among those who seek God’s blessing, and do not allow Makkah’s notable people to push the weak and lowly among your followers away.

Inform them that the time for the truth has come, and let them decide whether to accept it or not. The guilty will be left with nothing but a terrible drink or a painful resting place, surrounded by fire. Good deeds will never go to waste since they will be rewarded with flowing streams and blissful gardens. They will lounge on plush couches while donning golden bracelets and silk clothing in a lovely resting place.

Verses 32 to 44


Prophet Muhammad tells them the story of the two men who had both lovely gardens and arable land. Between the two estates was a river, and both gardens yielded a significant amount of produce.

The one who claimed to be wealthier and to have more followers than the other then went into his garden and declared that even if the Last Hour did arrive, God would still reward him with something even better.

The other man inquired, “Do you reject the One who created you, for I do not; and you ought to say that everything is according to God’s will and that He alone is supremely powerful.”

God might provide me something better even if I have less, destroying what you have in the process.

The first man regretted attributing his riches to himself rather than God after his fertile property was destroyed. Then he understood that God is the source of all true protection.

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