Woman gives birth to a baby in Masjid-an-Nabawi’s courtyard

A baby was recently delivered by a Saudi Red Crescent volunteer who was stationed in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah when a female worshipper had labor pains in the mosque’s courtyard.


Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Zahrani, director general of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority’s Madinah branch, stated that the SRCA volunteer team linked to the ambulance facility on the Al-Haram grounds helped the woman deliver her baby safely.



Dr. Al-Zahrani reported that the woman was in severe condition and on the verge of giving delivery when the teams got on the site.


The woman was having contractions, which made it clear that she was in labor. The SRCA team reported that she had broken her water and the baby’s head had already appeared.


The staff acted swiftly in this event, precisely following the regulations for such situations, and started supporting the mother in giving birth. A nearby health professional provided assistance.


According to Dr. Al-Zahrani, who emphasized that such cases demand rigorous medical attention, the mother and child were taken to the Bab Jibril Health Center after the infant was delivered for follow-up checks.


The team’s ability to deliver the baby safely was a result of their specialization in medicine as healthcare experts


In an emergency, Dr. Al-Zahrani advises dialing 997 to notify the ambulance service. The ability to precisely pinpoint the caller’s location will allow the ambulance team to arrive at the scene faster and offer aid. Additionally, the SOS features of the Tawakkalna and Asafny applications can be used to contact the ambulance service.

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