Is their any concept of luck in Islam?

Is their any concept of luck in Islam?

We as Muslims see non-Muslim people all around us talking about luck and we wonder if there is any such concept of luck in Islam as well. Nowadays, people often use phrases like “Have good luck,” “Good luck to you,” “I am lucky,” and “You are lucky” with a positive connotation when things are going well and no misfortunes are encountered; conversely, phrases like “They have no luck,” “He is an unlucky woman,” etc. are frequently used with a derogative connotation by people who encounter misfortune The word “chance” is frequently used in the community in relation to gambling, lotteries, and pools. For that, the phrases “take a chance” and “good luck” are repeated.

Although “luck” sounds to be a positive term, it is typically used in “negative” references only. The mentality and psychology of someone who places their trust and hopes in “luck” is adequate to convey the idea of luck. A person who bases their actions only on “luck” thinks as though they are in a bad situation; they believe in chances and constantly experience tension, agitation, and unrest in their hearts, spirits, and even their lives. He becomes nervous and distressed if his wishes are not fulfilled and the intended outcome does not materialize. He also becomes dissatisfied and is unable to control his feelings of frustration in such circumstances.

Why does a person in this circumstance allow “luck” to rule his life? The cause is fairly obvious. Because he is unaware of the true source of support, which is Allah, the All-Knowing, and that person relies on a hypothetical, ambiguous, vain item such as “luck”. This mostly happens when a person has led astray and loses faith and tries to blame others for his mishaps but does not put in the hard work to set things right.


No “Luck” in Islam, only Fate


But Islam has never permitted individuals to fall into a pit. It has prevented them from becoming distracted by meaningless things and ideas whose essences are unknown. In Islam, phrases like “luck and chance” have no place. We believe in “destiny, dependence on Allah, and agreeing to what comes from Allah” in our religion. Thus there is no concept of luck in Islam.

And faith is their source. The individual who has trust in Allah submits to fate, avoids confusion before circumstances, and overcomes everything in his path with the might and light of his faith. A person who has faith in Allah acknowledges Allah as “the only one” as the source of power and strength, as can be understood from the expression “Belief necessitates affirmation of Divine unity, affirmation of Divine unity necessitates submission to Allah, submission to Allah necessitates reliance on Allah, and reliance on Allah necessarily leads to happiness in this world and the hereafter.” He bows down to Him. He relies on His strength and places his trust in Him, and as a result, he succeeds.

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A person with faith is courageous and strong, able to challenge any situation.  He thinks he has a Lord who made him out of nothing, prepared the world for him, and gave him gifts like life, health, and peace that cannot be measured in material terms. He is thankful for everything. He also thinks that his Lord controls not only the earth but also the universe, stars, and everything. He is aware that his Creator did not create him in vain and that He did not abandon him in a pit of “chance”.

Is their any concept of luck in Islam?

He holds the conviction that Allah has known, planned, and determined every moment of his existence, including the minutes and seconds that have passed since the moment he entered the world until the moment of his death. Because of this, he does not trust chance, rely on it, or allow it to exist in his faith.

He believes that Allah is aware of all the good and negative things that happen to him. He always tries, uses all available resources, and finally puts his trust in his Creator, who knows and understands him better than he does and expects the outcome from Him. He gives his approval for everything to happen according to the Divine plan (fate). He asks Allah for anything and everything, for help and for thanks, in good times or bad.

What happens if you rely on Luck too much?


What about the individual who fails to put his reliance on Allah and whose “chance” and “luck” fluctuate? What occurs in the end if he doesn’t give up and endeavor, or even if he does, if he does them without depending on Power? well as expected, he will keep relying on luck in his life and depending on chances rather than hard work and putting faith in Allah. Naturally, the person is bound to fail in his endeavors, get depressed, get broke, and lose everything eventually, in this world and in the hereafter.

Therefore, those whose faith in Allah and willingness to accept what He sends them are weak, concentrate on unimportant, meaningless, and vain things like luck, stars, horoscopes, and chance, and are fixated on superstitions, which again leads to Shirk. Luck is like gambling with your own life. So trust Allah, put all your faith in him, and do hard work to achieve your dreams.

This was all about the Concept of luck in Islam. From the above discussions, we can conclude that there is no concept of luck in Islam. so we should start working hard for our dreams and stop relying on Luck and chances. Read Islamic Blogs or Follow us on social media for daily Islamic reminders.

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