Famous Celebrities who accepted Islam in 2023

Famous Celebrities who accepted Islam in 2023

Famous Celebrities who accepted Islam in 2023: While a lot of people reverted to Islam in 2023, some people’s conversion news made some headlines. Here we present the famous reverts of 2023 as the year winds down.

Famous Celebrities who accepted Islam in 2023

Shermon Burgess

Shermon Burgess accepted Islam in 2023

Shermon Burgess took everyone by surprise when he announced he had reverted to Islam in the first quarter of 2023. As a prominent figure, Shermon Burgess led some of the most visible protests against Islam. Sherman announced he took the Shahada alongside another former activist in his local mosque and has been welcomed fully since then.

Rodtang Jitmuangnon

Rodtang Jitmuangnon accepted Islam in 2023

Rodtang Jitmuangnon converted to Islam early in February 2023. The reigning One Championship flyweight Muay Thai Champion declared the Shahada and discussed his conversion to Islam during a live stream. He was a Buddhist monk for a brief period before accepting Islam.

Alfie Best Jr.

Alfie Best Jr. accepted Islam in 2023

Alfie Best Jr., one of the most successful and well-known businessmen in Great Britain, Alfred William Best, also known as Alfie Best Jr., announced publicly at the beginning of this year 2023 that he has converted to Islam. The young millionaire told his mom about converting to Islam first because she’s a lot more understanding than his dad. His dad was stunned when he heard the news, but he now believes it has enhanced his son’s moral character.

Sartorial Shooter

Sartorial Shooter accepted Islam in 2023

Sartorial Shooter (Joule Sullivan), more commonly known as Andrew Tate’s manager and friend, Sartorial Shooter himself, is a popular internet personality. Although Sartorial Shooter grew up Catholic, his experience while living in Islamic Nations for many years of his adult life gradually opened his eyes to Islam. His relationship with the Tate Brothers may have also influenced his decision to finally take the Shahada and become a proper Muslim in 2023.

Charvarius Ward

Charvarius Ward accepted Islam in 2023

Charvarius Ward, an NFL cornerback who plays for the San Francisco 49ers, Charvarius “Money” Ward, started his career at McCum High School where he proved to everyone that he has the talent to play professional football. The former Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs cornerback became a Muslim in April of 2023.

Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe accepted Islam in 2023

Mercy Aigbe is a famous Nigerian actress who has become a household name in the Indigenous Euroban Hollywood scene. The 45-year-old actress became a Muslim early in 2023 when she married her husband, Kazim Adeoti. She admitted in an interview that the love she has for her husband played a significant role in her decision to become a Muslim.

Jake Matthews

Australian UFC Fighter Jake Matthews Converted to Islam

Jake Matthews, Australian UFC welterweight fighter, Jake Matthews, shocked the sporting world when he announced he is now a Muslim in June 2023. The 17-fight veteran said it was not a hasty decision but one that has been coming for years. He revealed that he had been practically living a life adherent to the Islamic way of life, having been living around Muslims for years.

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Robert Bauer

German Footballer Robert Bauer Reverts To Islam

Robert Bauer, the news of Robert Bauer’s conversion, came as a shock to his thousands of Instagram followers. While thanking his followers for the overwhelming show of support and responding to questions about what led to his conversion, he admitted that it had been a long time coming. The 28-year-old, who currently plays for Al Tai Saudi Arabian League, said he became a Muslim through his wife, who is a Muslim.

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Amber Leibrock

MMA Fighter Amber Leibrock reverts to Islam

Amber Leibrock is an American professional MMA fighter in the light featherweight division who reverted to Islam back in July 2023 after a series of personal problems. Amber’s decision was not made in isolation. She announced in a lengthy Instagram post that she admitted she went through a rough phase that eventually culminated in her accepting Islam.

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sneako converted to islam

Sneako, American YouTuber and internet personality Nicolas “Nico” Kenn De Balinthazy, better known as Sneako online, said he became a Muslim after taking the Shahada in Dubai in April 2023, in the company of his friend, the Sorial Shooter mentioned earlier in the video.

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Marco Pierre White Jr.

Marco Pierre White Jr. accepted Islam in 2023

Marco Pierre White Jr. having battled addiction since he turned 18, Marco Pierre White Jr. seemed to court trouble with ease. The Celebrity Big Brother icon, son to celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, was sentenced to 11 months in prison. He turned to Allah while in prison. White Jr. remains a Muslim after serving his prison time.

Zilla Fatu

Zilla Fatu converts to Islam, Son of WWE Wrestler Umaga

Zilla Fatu, the son of the late WWE wrestler Umaga, earlier this year 2023 took the public by storm when he announced that he has embraced Islam. In his heartfelt YouTube video, he shared his journey and the transformative impact of the devout Muslim inmates he met during his time in prison.

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Jarrell Miller

Heavyweight Boxer Jarrell Miller Converts to Islam along 2 Others

Renowned professional boxer Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, recognized for his prowess in the heavyweight division, publicly declared his conversion to Islam in the latter part of 2023. He took Shahada in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia along with his assistant coach, Jose Guzman, and cousin Kevin. The decision was accompanied by a period of self-reflection and spiritual exploration. He told about the hardships and tough times he has seen in his life. Jarrell Miller expressed that the teachings of Islam resonated with him, providing a sense of purpose and inner peace. Jarrell Miller’s conversion added a new dimension to his public persona, showcasing a profound personal transformation.

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Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis accepts Islam and became Muslim

Gervonta “Tank” Davis, a prominent figure in the world of boxing and a multiple-weight world champion, surprised fans and followers by announcing his conversion to Islam in Dec. 2023. Gervonta Davis, known for his incredible skills inside the ring, shared that his decision to embrace Islam was a result of a spiritual journey that had been unfolding in his life. The support and guidance from fellow Muslim friends played a crucial role in his path to Islam. Also, Gervonta Davis took a new Muslim name “Abdul Wahid”. Gervonta Davis’ public acknowledgment of his faith marked a significant milestone in his personal and professional journey.

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Alhamdulillah, may Allah accept everyone and keep them and us steadfast in His Deen.

This was all about the Famous Celebrities who accepted Islam in 2023. Read more Islamic Blogs or Follow us on social media for daily Islamic reminders.

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