“Satanist” Efe Zebani accepted Islam and became a Muslim

Satanist Efe Zebani accepted Islam and became a Muslim

“Satanist” Efe Zebani accepted Islam: “I’m 456 years old, a demon, a prophet of the Satanists, and at least 15 percent of Turkey will become Satanist.” These among other things were what Efe Zebani claimed while leading a group of Satanists and became an internet sensation. he became so popular that he would debate Muslims on behalf of Satanists, challenging some of the teachings of Islam. he claimed he could read the mind too, and his job was to convince people to follow his path. These discussions happened on a podcast named “Underground”. Let’s learn how the “Satanist” Efe Zebani accepted Islam and became a Muslim.

“On June 6, 2024, 15% of Turkey will become Satanists. 3 years ago I had a dream about it. The assistant master appointed this out to me.” said Efe Zebani

“I’m in a human body, I’m not actually human right now. I have two genies.”

“On 06/06/2024, 15% of Turkey will be satanists. There will be rebellion, war will break out again by me and my legions.”

“I will do my duty, I will die. I’m going to start a real life. This is the reason why i was sent into this world. People can live freely.” said Efe Zebani

“Are People afraid of you?” asked Host

“Yes, they are afraid. in general, women, children, old people change.” said Efe Zebani

“My feelings are very strong. For example, I can know what you are thinking now” added Efe

“I’m going to think about something and tell you in a little while, see if you can know them.” said Host

A boy engulfed in questions

His appearance would easily lead some people to have some conclusions about him. and in the past, they would be right. pink hair, multiple piercings on the face, and some immodest choice of clothes were the normal appearance of Efe Zebani. what many didn’t know was Efe was a boy filled with too many questions and too few people cared to answer them. it was easy to write him off based on his appearance and demeanor.

His questions about Islam

In cases where he had the opportunity to debate any Muslims, he always came up with well-prepared questions and evidence to back them up, until his last podcast appearance. Efe Zebani first appeared on the Turkish podcast “Underground” about three months ago, where he made the claims previously stated. three months later, the host of the channel invited Efe Zebani again, this time getting his questions answered by a person well-versed in Islamic knowledge. The host also revealed he had been in constant communication with Efe Zebani since his last appearance. what happened in the podcast? did Efe Zebani find the truth he sorely sought? did he become a Muslim? and how did it happen? Read out till the end to find out.

The Second Podcast

As usual, Efe Zebani came with an Arsenal full of questions and scriptures to quote to back up his claim. he started his barrage of questions which included cliches like violence against women, violence against non-Muslims, restrictions, and how is Allah behind the good of the world when evil also happens. does he cause those two? these and many more were the questions he was seeking answers to. from his behavior and choice of words, it was easy to conclude that while he may appear agonistic, he was willing to submit if he found answers. he said more than once “convince me, maybe I will believe” in the course of the interview.

“If we prove that Islam is a real religion, will you say this time that I have lived in vain all this time?” asked the host.

“You can not prove it to me” replied Efe Zebani

“Why can’t we prove it” asked the host.

“Prove it then let’s talk” replied Efe.

Efe Zebani was once a believer, a Muslim

In the course of the interview, Efe Zebani admitted he once prayed before and he felt peace when he did that. In fact, he was a Muslim as a child. to encourage him, the hosts encouraged him that his questions were not out of place and he should ask more questions in his quest for answers. this he can do while studying Islam. Zebani revealed his excitement at the opportunity to visit the Kaaba noting that he could not do that in his current state and appearance. he wondered if he would experience peace there like he had imagined. his host promised to take him to the Kaaba if he promised to become a Muslim. there he reiterated that he would love to become a Muslim if his questions are convincingly answered. after thinking about it for a few minutes, Efe finally decided to become a Muslim and take the shahada on air. He went further to observe prayer with a group.

Conclusion: Efe Zebani accepted Islam and became a Muslim

In concluding the video, the host promised that Efe would be circling the Kaaba by the time the video was released. and this I can confirm to be true as Efe Zebani posted videos of himself in Makkah a few days ago, Masha Allah. Efe was the face of so many impressionable youths who are continuously seeking unchecked freedom to act and appear as they like, with some like Efe are taking it a notch higher by subscribing to Satanism and the worshiping of things they have no idea about. he was very popular online. while wondering what his followers would think, he was assured that should not be his concern but the opportunity to save his soul should be his most important task. he didn’t set out to become a Muslim until he appeared on the podcast. and the clarity he got from his first and second appearances was enough to convince him that he had been lost for so long. and he gladly found his way back to Allah. that phase of conversion could be the Catalyst, a lot of youths who have chosen the same path as him, need to retrace their steps and find Allah like he did. nature abhors a vacuum and the vacuum created by those you deviated from Islam could easily be filled by preachings. like the one Efe did before accepting Islam. this if further amplified by the use of social media. we are glad that brother Efe Zebani has been saved, and we pray for others like him to see the light like he did and follow his footsteps.

This was all about how and why “Satanist” Efe Zebani accepted Islam and became a Muslim. Stay updated on the Latest News and Articles. Or follow us on social media for daily Islamic reminders.

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