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sneako converted to islam

Sneako converted to Islam: Recently Nicolas “Nico” Kenn De Balinthazy better known online as Sneako is an American content creator and former YouTuber converted to Islam in Dubai. “it wasn’t something I planned,” he said “but it just kind of happened.”

Why Sneako converted to Islam?

Explaining why Sneako converted to Islam, Sneako said this in a recent interview:

“I converted in Dubai I mean I guess it was like a soft conversion. but I did say the words. all you have to do to convert to Islam and is say: “Muhammad is the prophet and Allah is the one true God” and then that’s it. in other religions, there’s all this stuff you need years of all this. I said that, I went to the mosque I prayed, shout out to the sartorial shooter.”

While he was hanging out with his friend the sartorial shooter in Dubai and we were walking around exploring the city, and then we stumbled upon a mosque and my friend suggested that we go in and check it out. I was curious and wanted to learn more so I started asking questions. one of the first questions I asked was whether Muslims believe in Jesus? I was surprised to learn that they do. they do believe in Jesus. it’s actually Islam and Christianity have a lot in
common and that Islamic Christianity has a lot in common with traditional Christianity. however, there were some differences that stood out to me. As someone who grew up Catholic, I found some of the beliefs in Catholicism to be a bit strange” said Sneako.

“I think it’s kind of weird. I grew, you grew up Catholic? there’s some weird stuff in Catholicism like no disrespect
but like the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. what the hell is the Holy Spirit? what is that? we do the silent cross
all the time. whats was the Holy Spirit? and then you grow up and you take your first communion you’re eating the body of Christ in a cracker. so is this cannibalism? for example the concept of the Holy Trinity and the idea of eating
the body of Christ in the form of a cracker during communion, why? it didn’t really make sense to me because how
could you be a human and God? Catholics believe that Jesus is God and God is God but they’re the same like Father the Son. it’s like this weird that doesn’t make any sense to me. on the other hand Islam made a lot more sense to me” said Sneako.

“The idea of one true God who created everything and everyone and that Jesus was a prophet who spread his message, it was a simpler and more straightforward belief system but in Islam the reason that I converted is
Allah is the one true God. that’s the one, that’s the creator of the universe, the creator of everything and Jesus was
there to spread his message. Muhammad was the prophet and then we are all his people, we are all his creation and that just makes the most sense to me because like what’s the best explanation for why the world exists? there must be a Creator. another thing that appealed to me about Islam was its strict beliefs on masculinity and femininity and also the really strict and on their beliefs on masculinity and femininity on the differences between men and women and
our roles and what we should be doing. it was refreshing to see a religion that had a clear idea of what men and women’s roles should be and what they should be doing. overall my experience with converting to Islam was an eye-opening one. it wasn’t something I had planned or expected but it felt right for me. I’m still learning about the religion and its beliefs but I’m happy that I made the decision to convert.”

He also mentioned in another video of his reasoning of him becoming a Muslim:

“I prayed this morning. actually I went to that there’s a prayer room in the hotel yes that’s how I put the mat
down and, uh yeah.

“nice yeah so it was that like the Christian prayer like this or …?”

“no, I tried to do an Islamic prayer with, uh, going on my knees and everything, yeah. the one reason I think Islam makes more sense in some ways is like the Holy Trinity thing in Christianity, like God is the Son and also the Son is God, but you know, human isn’t perfect that isn’t I understand like that debate but also in Islam if you’re thinking
strategically not just with belief system, Islam is going to win, uh, it’s the only religion that does not tolerate any
disrespect. Islam is like it’s the way.”

This is true. Islam is the only way to beat Satan with his tricks because the religion of Islam is from the Creator. so his guidance is the only true guidance. and Islam is the only religion whose teachings are 100% preserved. Sneako converted to Islam and so many people are becoming Muslims Alhamdulillah, it reminds us of the famous saying of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon) in which he said “Islam will enter every house”. after Andrew Tate accepted Islam, so many people converted to Islam. so most probably many more people going to accept Islam if God wills. because of Sneako converting to Islam, all Lord Knows, good things happen when famous people become Muslim is that they bring many more people to Islam because of their popularity. may Allah make Sneako a very good Muslim and may Allah make him a means of many people to revert to Islam.

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