The Story of Prophet Lut in Islam and The People of Sodom

story of prophet lut in islam and the people of sodom

Story of Prophet Lut is referenced in Quran multiple times. Numerous texts in the Quran situate the story of Lut after that of Noah, Hud, Salih, and Shuayb.

The Prophet Ibrahim AS‘s nephew was the Prophet Lut AS. The tale of his people and the suffering they endured was a shocking event in Ibrahim AS’s life. You will recall that Lut AS moved to Palestine after leaving Ur with Ibrahim AS. We will discuss the whole Story of Prophet Lut here.

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.), may peace be upon him, raised Prophet Lut, also known as Prophet Lot, from childhood. Even when he was mocked, Prophet Lut still loved, respected, and believed in the teachings of Ibrahim. Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and Lut (A.S.) frequently traveled far—across sea and land—in an effort to preach and bring more people into the Islamic fold.

During Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Lut’s journey to Palestine, they learned that Lut had been appointed by Allah as a Prophet and Messenger for the inhabitants of Sodom. In order to bring the rebels back to the worship of Allah, Allah commanded the new Prophet to go to the city of Sodom, which is situated on the border between Jordan and Palestine.

City and People of Sodom


Travelers, traders, and merchants flocked to the prosperous city of Sodom for trade. However, Sodom was also the most criminally active and corrupt city of the period. Travelers going through Sodom were frequently sidetracked, robbed of their possessions, and occasionally brutally murdered. However, homosexuality is the most infamous act of evil performed by this corrupt country.

The Story of Prophet Lut in Islam and The People of Sodom

The people of Sodom were the first to experience or conduct homosexuality; prior to Sodom, no one in human history had ever done so. This nation accepted and participated in this despicable conduct on a widespread basis. They indulged in these immoral activities in the open, spoke candidly about them, and were incredibly proud of their behavior.

Prophet Lut’s arrival in Sodom


Having accepted the Prophethood and his new duty, Prophet Lut quickly moved to Sodom and started to plan how to convert his people to Islam. Despite the fact that he was aware of how corrupt his country was at the time, he maintained his faith in them and wished that they would soon see their error and come back to the path of righteousness, come back to Islam.

Soon, Prophet Lut went to approach the People of Sodom, the city’s men, and urged them to remember their Lord: “Will you not fear and submit to Allah? Verily! To you, I am a trustworthy Messenger. So fear Allah, keep your duty to Him, and obey me.”  The men of the city started speculating among themselves, perplexed: “This man has entered our city, and he is urging us to stop what we are doing? He must be benefiting from this, right? Prophet Lut responded, “No reward do I ask of you for it. My reward is only from the Lord of the Worlds.”

Then Prophet Lut brought up the subject of homosexuality and let them know that it was unethical behavior. “Do you approach men from among the worlds and abandon the women your Lord has made for you to be your wives?” he said. ” No, you are a transgressing people!”

Prophet Lut’s (A.S.) Warning


Prophet Lut then warned the people of Sodom of a harsh penalty from Allah and said that he would never consent to participate in such conduct.” I am among those who strongly disapprove of your activity (of sodomy)”, he declared. After hearing Lut’s statement, the men and women of Sodom were furious, and they started talking among themselves about how to expel Lut from their city. They then warned Prophet Lut: “If you cease not, O Lut! Verily, you will be one of those who are driven out!”

Prophet Lut got worried. Not a single person in Sodom had converted to Islam despite years and years of preaching. The only Muslim home in Sodom belonged to Lut, however, not all of its residents were Muslims. While Lut and his daughters were devout Muslims, his wife continued to be a non-believer. Prophet Lut then stretched out his palms toward the sky and pleaded, “My Lord, help me against the corrupting people. Save me and my family from what they are doing, O Lord.”

The arrival of Three Angels


In the meantime, Allah sent three angels, including Angel Jibreel, who was dressed as a man, to Prophet Ibrahim‘s home. Ibrahim served up a lavish feast for his visitors despite his failure to recognize the angels. But the food that was served to his visitors was turned down. Fearful, Prophet Ibrahim enquired, “Who are you?” ” No need to be alarmed”, the angels retorted. “We are Allah’s angels. We have been sent to the people of Lut to share the good news about a son who is wise and knowledgeable with you.” Ibrahim, the prophet, was aware that the People of Sodom were about to receive Allah’s wrath. As soon as he saw it, he feared for his nephew Lut and told the angels, “Truly, Lut is within there.” The Angels replied: “We are more knowing of who is within it.” They reassured Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) that Lut (A.S.) will be saved.

The angels then traveled to Sodom while masquerading as charming young men. When the three attractive men entered the city, the daughter of Lut, a believer, saw them and hurriedly raced to tell her father about them. The men were welcomed to the city of Sodom by Prophet Lut as he approached them. He intended to persuade the men to flee the city for their own safety because he was all too aware of the doom that the young men would suffer at the hands of the men of Sodom. Prophet Lut, however, was too ashamed to order the visitors to leave, so he led them to his house while making sure no one noticed the three handsome men.

Agitation of Sodom’s Men


The men entered his home, and Lut’s wife, a non-believer, observed them as well as her husband. She quickly alerted the city’s men that Lut was hosting three handsome young men in his home. After hearing the good news, the men slowly gathered outside of Lut’s home and started banging on his door. ” Do not humiliate me in front of my visitors”, Lut yelled. ” Is there not a rational man among you”? The men shouted back, becoming agitated, “Have we not forbade you from [hosting] people?”

At this point, the whole People of Sodom had assembled at Lut’s door. They started smashing down his door as they grew impatient by the minute. “These [the girls of the nation] are my daughters [to marry legally] if you must act thus,” Lut cried to his people, sounding furious. “You have already understood that we have no interest in your daughters; in fact, you know what we want,” the men countered. Prophet Lut lost all control over the dishonest people. ” If only I could take cover behind a powerful authority or had some sort of leverage over you”, he thought. “O Lut, certainly we are angels of your Lord; [hence] they will never reach you,” the three men then called out.

The men were then struck by Angel Jibreel as he emerged from Lut’s home, which caused all of the men to lose their vision. The men yelled, shocked and furious, “What’s this sorcery that just hit us? What is the source of this? O Lut! You are responsible for this. Tomorrow, you’ll witness what we’ll do to you.”  The blind men then went back to their houses and made plans for the next day’s destruction of Lut.

The Story of Prophet Lut in Islam and The People of Sodom

Prophet Lut’s Departure and Punishment by Allah


Lut was told by Allah to leave with his family for a portion of the night and not look back save for his wife. “She will in fact be impacted by what impacts them. Indeed, they have an early appointment. Isn’t morning approaching?”  Prophet Lut and his daughters carried out the directives as directed and left Sodom in the night.

A loud, piercing shriek reverberated throughout the city as daylight broke, filling the citizens with profound terror and agony. The country was then grabbed from the edge of Jibreel’s wing, lifted into the air, bent, and crashed to the ground. The inhabitants of Sodom were then put to death by hard clay stones that fell from the sky, each bearing the name of the transgressor for whom it was meant.

Prophet Lut visited Prophet Ibrahim after leaving Sodom with his daughters. Together with Ibrahim A.S., Lut carried on the work of Allah’s message until his passing.

The Dead Sea, which now stands where the corrupt city of Sodom once stood, serves as a potent reminder of Allah’s anger with the followers of Prophet Lut. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah the Exalted declares: “Certainly! This contains indicators for the eyes. And indeed! The cities are located directly on the high road (from Mecca to Syria, i.e. the place where the Dead Sea is now). Surely! Therein lies, in fact, a sign for the faithful.”

Lessons learned from the Story of Prophet Lut


May Allah’s greatest blessings be upon Prophet Lut AS, the prophet of the Overturned Cities who has endured much. There is definitely a lot of things we can learn from the Story of Prophet Lut.

In many cities nowadays, even during the day, it is dangerous to walk down the streets. Murder, sexual assaults of both adults and children, and an abundance of narcotics are all too common. Most high school students have already come into contact with drug users and dealers. Despite being the cause of family dissolution, domestic abuse, and the breakdown of society, alcohol is freely sold at corner stores. Lifestyles that are considered degenerate are accepted and even commonplace. Although this portrayal gives the impression of a frightening, chaotic society, is it really that different from the Story of Prophet Lut AS? Should we not learn from the terrible destiny of these people and those who came before them who were obliterated by Allah for our own good? Let’s learn a few things from The Story of Prophet Lut.

Let’s all take a moment to pray to Allah, asking Him to keep us and everyone we love protected from such Satanic vices and sheltered from them. Amen, amen, and amen.

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